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How To Judge Whether The Baby Needs To Change The Diaper Model?

How To Judge Whether The Baby Needs To Change The Diaper Model?


Many mothers are very concerned about the size of diapers. The size of diapers is very important for babies. Large diapers are easy to detect leakage. Small diapers are likely to hold the thighs of children. And, as the baby grows, diapers need to be replaced with new sizes.

Choose the right baby diaper model, it depends on the baby's weight. There are diaper models and suitable weight standards on the diaper packaging. Most mothers also choose diaper models based on their baby's body weight. Please refer to the following points:

1. NB newborn 0-5kg soft and dry surface layer to protect tender skin.

2. Small size 5-8KG, baby size, providing comprehensive and comfortable protection;

3. M medium size 7-11kg, thin and close cut for active crawling baby;

4. L large size 10-14kg, more slim crotch, reduce spillage;

5. XL Plus large size more than 13 kg, high waist design, meet the needs of active baby.

It should be noted that the size of diapers may be different for the same weight baby due to different body shape. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers choose small packaging for trial use, and always pay attention to whether the baby needs to change the new model of diapers. Do not buy too many diapers at a time, so as to avoid waste.

Diaper Size and Weight Chart Guide

You may confuse about how to choose a diaper size for a baby. The below chart may provide some ideas. The newborn baby could use an NB size diaper. But you may find it could not be used for a long time, baby grows up quickly. When baby grows up and he can crawl and walk, you can choose baby pull-up pants as well.

Baby Diaper Size

Baby weight









When To Change Diaper Sizes?

Many new mothers don't know when to change the model of diapers, but the diaper model used by babies at different stages are different. Wearing the wrong baby diapers will cause damage to the children's actions or skin, so the mother should also know when to change the model of diapers.

The weight standard value of various sizes marked on the outer package of diapers is convenient for parents to choose. However, each size of diapers has a certain coverage, and there may be overlaps between them, because it is considered that babies with the same weight may have different body shapes, such as height, abdominal circumference and leg circumference.

Therefore, parents should not only judge whether they need to change diapers according to their children's weight, but also consider their baby's actual body shape. In addition, if it is found that there is slight leakage of urine after the child uses the diaper, or when changing the diaper for the child, it is found that there are marks on his thigh and waist, it is necessary to consider whether it is time to change the size of the diaper for the baby. Mother should observe the feeling of children wearing diapers more, and judge whether they need to change diapers from the details.


How To Prevent Diaper Blowouts?

1. Make sure you choose the correct baby diaper size for your baby

2. Adjust the tape position to make sure the waistband fits the baby’s body and not to be too loose.

3. Pull out the leg cuff with a finger around the leg cuff after the diaper is on.

4. Change diaper timely and frequently when baby pees.

How Many Times Should I Change Diaper For Newborn?

For a newborn, his/her bladder capacity is relatively small, so defecation is frequent, generally recommend to change diapers every two hours. In addition, it should be determined according to the feeding status. If a baby eats a lot, you should observe the status of diapers and replace them accordingly. As the baby grows up, the bladder capacity increases, the frequency of urination will decrease, and the replacement time can be appropriately extended, usually every 3-4 hours.


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