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How Do We Distinguish the Quality of Baby Facial Wipes?

How Do We Distinguish the Quality of Baby Facial Wipes?


Baby facial wipes are now very common. The ingredients of baby facial wipes are very safe and they are softer and more comfortable to wipe than ordinary paper towels, so they are used by many parents.

Baby facial wipes can replace the towel to clean the baby's dirty hands and face, and can play the role of moisturizing. It is also a good helper for the baby's diarrhea and cleaning.

However, some inferior wet wipes are not suitable for children to use, so how to distinguish the quality of baby wet wipes for face? Let's take a look below!

1. Don't buy baby facial wipes that contain alcoho

Some adult wipes contain alcohol, which plays a role in disinfection, but baby wipes cannot contain alcohol, otherwise it will bring discomfort to the child's skin, and even cause allergies.

Generally, it is marked on the packaging bag whether it contains alcohol or not.

2. Good baby facial wipes cannot contain fluorescent agents

Fluorescent agents are chemical dyes that cannot be used in baby wipes, which can easily lead to reduced immunity of children. So good baby facial wipes can't have fluorescent agents, be sure to look carefully at the components of the wipes.

When buying baby wipes, you should choose the ones with a whiter color and without any impurities. If the baby facial wipes you buy are fluffy when you use them, it means that the quality is not good enough.

Therefore, for the safety of children, you should try a baby facial wipes first to see how the quality is.

3. Try to choose fragrance-free baby facial wipes

Good baby facial wipes are often tasteless. When buying baby facial wipes for children, if the fragrance of baby facial wipes is very strong, it means that there is a problem. It is best not to use them for children, because baby facial wipes have too much fragrance, it is easy to cause children to be allergic to fragrances.

Parents can take the baby facial wipes and smell them in advance to see if there is any odor before deciding whether to buy them.

4. Carefully check the product manual of baby facial wipes

Choose baby facial wipes from regular manufacturers with detailed factory addresses, service numbers, hygiene standards, corporate standards, and relevant health department record numbers, and pay attention to whether they have ISO certification.

The raw material of baby facial wipes should be spunlace non-woven fabrics (also called non-woven fabrics). The higher the viscose content of baby facial wipes, the softer and the better the water absorption.

We should pay attention to the quality of baby facial wipes, after all, this is something for babies.

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