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Do You Know These 6 Tips for Using Diapers?

Do You Know These 6 Tips for Using Diapers?


For novice parents, many things about babies have to be learned slowly and carefully, and using diapers for infants is one of them, which is very knowledgeable.

1. How do you know when to change baby diapers?

Generally, a diaper should not be used for more than 4 hours during the day. In the event of uncertainty, pay attention to the following times:

(1) After 15-30 minutes of each feeding, the baby's urine may be excreted;

(2) Before going to bed, check whether the baby's diaper is dry; after the baby wakes up, he usually urinates;

(3) Before taking your baby out, check it out.

2. What are the tips for changing baby diapers?

When changing baby diapers, keep your back slightly higher than your belly to prevent urine from seeping through your back. When the baby wears diapers, fix the left and right sides first, and then remember to adjust the frills on the waist and legs of the baby diaper.

This will not only prevent the leakage of urine, but also prevent the frills from scratching the baby's delicate skin.

3. What should I do if the welt of the baby diaper hurts the baby's legs?

If this happens, it is best to take your baby to the hospital for a check-up. It is necessary to avoid the baby from scratching the worn part every day, otherwise it is easy to be infected.

After the wound has healed, be careful when putting your baby in a diaper. Notice if the organic baby diaper folds at the waist and legs are pulled out.

But sometimes the diaper size is too small and it may be worn, so it needs to be replaced in time.

4. Do baby diapers need to distinguish boys and girls?

There is no clear statement on this, and it depends entirely on the wishes of the parents. Because ordinary baby diapers only need to choose a longer urine-absorbing layer, both boys and girls will feel very dry after urinating.

5. The baby diapers are not wet this time. Can they continue to wear them next time?

I fully understand the entangled mentality of parents, but it is best not to use it. Baby diapers contain bacteria carried on the baby's skin and are not suitable for continued wear.

6. How to keep the little butt dry when wearing baby diapers?

Each baby diaper should not be used for too long, or you may get diaper rash. Especially after your baby poops, be sure to change the baby diaper immediately, which is very important to prevent red buttocks.

It's a good idea to give your baby a little butt wash every time you change his organic baby diaper, then wipe it clean. Then, apply a thin layer of nipple cream to your baby. Then your baby's little butt can stay dry.

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