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How to Correctly Use Different Materials of Cotton Pad?

How to Correctly Use Different Materials of Cotton Pad?


The most important thing in a girl's bag is cosmetics and various makeup tools, and makeup pads are one of the common makeup tools. When it comes to cotton pads, you must feel that they are optional and vary from person to person. Yes, the "hand" and "cotton" faction is a dialectic since the two sides, there is no absolute right or wrong, but there are endless topics. Then the "hand" is nothing to say, "cotton" is a big question.

Many members of the cotton pad family

Whether it is pure cotton or fiber, thickness or light, locking edge or printed, can be used to care for the skin of cotton, must be the highest level of safety of skim cotton and fiber cotton as the main raw material, but the highest level of makeup organic cotton pad will still use part of the animal fiber.

1、Popular pure skim cotton type. The cotton is made of chemically treated skimmed cotton, which is more likely to absorb liquid than ordinary cotton, and is the thickest of all types of cosmetic cotton, some of which will be embossed to keep its texture tight and not loose.

2, the most skin-friendly type of pure fiber cotton. Is the plant fiber or paper fiber after special treatment to make, feel smoother than pure skim cotton type, but also thinner, while the fit with the skin is also better.

3, two-in-one type of fiber cotton + skim cotton. The two together is not chemically mixed, but only to combine the advantages of each other and pressed together. Usually embossed on one or both sides, can be easily peeled into a thinner reuse.

4、Mini mask type nonwoven. As if we usually use a mini version of the non-woven mask, soft, minimal damage to the skin.

5、Exclusive high-end type of animal fiber class. Organic wool as the main ingredient, the texture is more gentle, only available for toner, essence and lotion, but the price is slightly expensive.

Different needs determine the choice of Cotton Pads

Clean and remove makeup should be selected pure fiber cotton type, because its fibers are relatively hard, easy to pull the skin, but makeup removal products are containing ingredients to reduce this friction.

For toner should choose the thickest pure skim cotton type makeup organic cotton pads, because the demand for toner is higher when applied, so at this time the highest demand for cotton absorbency, too thin cotton will leak away.

For the essence and lotion relatively thin pure skim cotton type cotton can be, because the essence and lotion absorption capacity and permeability itself is very good, cotton is only a role of import, too thick rather than waste. The mask with pure fiber cotton or non-woven cotton, because the two and the skin fit well, can form a sealed environment to promote the absorption of mask nutrients, while preventing the mask from slipping.

For eye masks without crimped cotton pads are most applicable after tearing. Because of the large curvature of the eye, a closer and gentler fit is needed, so whether it is a pure skim cotton type or a pure fiber cotton type, it is good to be able to tear to the thinnest.

Some Hot Cotton Pads Saled By Professional Cotton Pad Manufacturer

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