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Don't ignore the cotton pad

Don't ignore the cotton pad


There is a small, inconspicuous thing that we often see but are likely to ignore, and that is the cotton pad. Nowadays, all girls should have come into contact with cotton pads, but how much do we really know about them? How should we use cotton pads?

Why must I use makeup organic cotton pads?

1.The skin for the second clean

Because all the people who sell makeup will tell you the function of makeup, the first important function is to complete the cleaning process. That is to say, after you use the cleanser, but also with a makeup to complete the cleaning process, if you can match the cotton pad, makeup organic circular cotton pads itself, the fiber material will be able to wash the cleanser has not been washed off the dirt, or some residue of the cleanser itself to bring down, so it can help the makeup better secondary cleaning, because the cleanser is not clean, in fact, on our skin is also A little bit of damage.

2.Easy to control the amount of makeup

Using square cotton wool pads to put on makeup is more economical. A good way to introduce you can first use pure water to wet the cotton pad, slightly pressed, and then unified in a small empty box, set aside in the refrigerator, the night to use when you take a piece out of this time the cotton has been water. It is saturated, so when you pour makeup water, makeup water will not be absorbed by the cotton pad, so it is completely on the surface of the cotton pad, and then ice, when wiping on the one hand can calm the skin, shrink pores, and on the other hand can save a lot of makeup water.

3. Sterile and more hygienic

On this point, you may feel that the beauty room is not a food factory, there is no hygiene problem, makeup organic large square cotton pads of this role is not so fully necessary. If you use the cotton pad, instead of using your hands to apply makeup, it will definitely be more hygienic, because hands are indeed prone to bacteria, and our usual hand-washing method can't completely get rid of bacteria.

4. Wipe evenly, wipe to the dead corner

First of all, do you know where is the dead center of our face? In fact, it is the nose, around the mouth, etc. Use cotton pads to deal with these places, because of its own fibers, to be much more detailed and thoughtful than the hand. If we pour the makeup on the hand directly wipe the face, many small places will not be able to wipe, there are many dead corners are needed to evenly wipe the cotton pad.

Classification of cosmetic organic cotton pads

Cosmetic cotton rounds in bulk are generally divided into two types, non-woven and pure cotton pieces. Non-woven, as the name suggests, is not after the spinning process, so there is no cotton wool in the head. Comparison, in fact, can not say which of these two is better, strictly speaking should depend on when you use which is the most appropriate.

In addition to this large type, there is a type of cotton sheet with a pattern on it, sometimes you can put your fingertips on top of this pattern, and then use it to exfoliate, because it has grooves, so it is very suitable for removing dead skin around the nose and other places.

There is also a cotton sheet pinched up on both sides with a small groove, thick in the middle, very solid feeling. This kind of cotton sheet has a so-called water-locking layer, that is, a waterproof layer, can prevent penetration. This kind of cotton is usually used to apply eye mask, let's say your eyes are tired today, with a day of makeup, you can put some make-up on this kind of cotton, preferably with make-up containing essence, more oil, sticky kind, this does not need to add water to wet, you can directly cover it on the eyelids as an eye mask, if you have the eye lines, or because of the season and the need, you do not have to buy a separate eye mask.

In addition, many girls will be dry at the corners of the mouth, and some will peel, you can also apply the care products, and then cover the organic cotton pad on it to do local hydration.

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