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How to Use Panty Liners?

How to Use Panty Liners?


Ⅰ. About panty liners

How to use panty liners? Some women will mention this problem. When it comes to panty liners, I believe that female friends will not be too unfamiliar. 

In daily life, many female friends use panty liners, which are easy to use and are very popular with women. So, do you know how to use panty liners? As one of panty liners manufacturers, we want to give you more suggestions about  how to use panty liners.

Ⅱ. What is the method of using panty liners?

1. Wash your hands before using sanitary panty liners, but this is often overlooked by many female friends in daily life. Generally speaking, the hands touch the most things, so the chance of getting bacteria is the greatest, and the hands are not washed. The use of panty liners can easily bring bacteria on the hands to the panty liners. This may cause bacterial infection, which is detrimental to health.

2. When using panty liners, tear off the plastic sticker on the back, and then stick them on the underwear. What needs to be reminded is that you should pay attention to avoid using fragrance-type or medicine-type panty liners. This is because these panty liners may be added with a lot of chemicals such as spices, it is easy to breed vaginal bacteria, and some people may cause genital itching due to differences in physique. If you are using menstrual perfume, it is best to sprinkle the perfume on the back of the sanitary napkin or the underwear instead of spraying it directly on the body. This can alleviate everyone's worries and will not harm your health.

3. Furthermore, female friends should pay attention to avoid storing string panty liners in a dark and damp place. Unused panty liners should be placed in a dry place. Otherwise, since the general panty liners are made of fiber, they should be kept in a dark place. Moist place is very easy to multiply mold and contaminate panty liners. If the air is humid, you might as well put them into plastic bag and fasten to protect them from moisture.

4. In addition, female friends should also pay attention to the daily use of sanitary products. The use of healthy sanitary napkins, panty liners and other sanitary products always has a lot of health risks. Therefore, the correct approach is to choose suitable underwear and wash it frequently and don't be lazy about health issues.

How to use panty liners? The above is the introduction on this issue. In summary, the use of panty liners is very simple, but the precautions introduced above must be paid enough attention to, otherwise it will bring harm to your health. It is recommended that everyone pays attention to the hygiene of the private parts.

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