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How Often Should You Change Your Panty Liner

How Often Should You Change Your Panty Liner


When it comes to panty liners, I believe that female friend will not be too unfamiliar, because this is an essential daily necessity for women in life, but if you don't pay more attention when using it, it may bring certain harm to health. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to related matters when using panty liners, especially pay attention to frequent replacement. Then, how often should you change your panty liners? What are the precautions for using panty liners? Let's take a look at the following introduction.

Ⅰ. How Often Should You Change A Panty Liner?

Generally speaking, it is best to change the panty liner every 3-4 hours. In fact, the panty liner is the same as the sanitary napkin. It is best to change it every two hours. This is because there are often a lot of secretions on the panty liners. And it will be mixed with the sweat of the female private parts, so it is very easy to breed bacteria. If it is not replaced in time, it will be more likely to cause itching in the private parts, and even induce infections, which will induce many gynaecological diseases. Therefore, they must be replaced in time.

Before using the sanitary panty liners, female friends must wash their hands first, just like when using comfort sanitary napkins, tear off the package. Generally speaking, the panty liners are packaged individually, which will be cleaner and more convenient to use. Then tear off the bottom paper and stick it on the underwear, but generally, they are sanitary pads without wings, just tear off the bottom paper and stick it directly on the underwear.

How Often Should You Change Your Panty Liner

Ⅱ. Panty Liners Use Precautions

1. Female friends should pay attention not to choose scented panty liners as much as possible. There are many panty liners on the market with additives or fragrances. For some people, it may increase the probability of allergies.

2. When using the sanitary pads, please pay attention to a timely replacement, which can effectively avoid affecting the acid-base environment adjustment of female friends' lower bodies. Otherwise, it will affect your health.

3. In addition, female friends are best not to use string panty liners in summer. This is because people are prone to sweating in summer, so try not to use sanitary pads when unnecessary.

How often should you change your panty liners?  In summary, it is best to replace the pad every 2 hours. It is important to remind everyone that when buying pads, you must buy sanitary napkins from a regular sanitary napkin manufacturer. People with sensitive skin are best to use cotton mesh sanitary napkins. Don't put too many sanitary napkins and pads in the bathroom. Try to wear cotton underwear and change it every day.

Ⅲ. How To Use Panty Liners

Using panty liners is as easy as using sanitary pads.  You just need to remove the protective strip of the panty liner pad, expose the adhesive at the bottom and stick it firmly to the underwear liner.  You're done!  If your feminine liner feels damp, remember to replace it, usually every 3-5 hours.

Ⅳ. Can I Use Panty Liners For Periods?

There are no strict rules on the use of sanitary pads or panty liners. It's all about what makes you more comfortable.

Generally speaking, before and after the menstrual period, the amount of bleeding is less, this time you can choose an underwear liner for the feminine liner is more useful.

During the middle period, when there is more bleeding, a sanitary pad is usually a better choice. In short, which one is better depends on your menstrual volume.

V. Purpose Of Panty Liners 

Usually, women have less menstrual blood before and after a physiological period. Therefore, from an economic point of view,  commonly used sanitary pads can be a little wasteful.  In this case, panty liners are invented to solve this problem and avoid dirty pads. Panty liner pads are much smaller and thinner which can improve the comfort level of users. 

In addition, female leucorrhea will be more during the ovulation period.  At times,  bleeding occurs during ovulation.  Then panty pads can reduce the pain and prevent panty napkins from getting dirty.  

Women who suffer from gynaecological diseases will produce a certain odour.  In this case, a panty napkin can more or less help.

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