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On Feb 15th, B.I. made a donation of five hundred thousand RMB to the red cross society for dealing with the COVID-19 problems.

COVID-19 should be the thorniest problem in 2020, bringing numerous loss and troubles to people all around the world. In the beginning of this year, the situation could be very serious in some parts of China. So everything thing must be stopped and everyone should stay at home during the COVID-19 controlling period in China to keep up a united front against the COVID-19 until the situation became better.

As one of the first batch of companies whom were approved by government to go back to work, Zhejiang B.I. Industrial Co., Ltd put into production immediately for the needed materials and made the donation at the first time to take our social responsibility. We are never afraid of facing any problem and we are always ready to take our expected social responsibility.

Here B.I. hope that we will conquer the disgusting COVID-19 soon and that everyone can take care of oneself to be safe in this special period.

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