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Period Poverty

Period Poverty


What Is Period Poverty?

Period poverty is a lack of access to menstrual products, education, hygiene facilities, waste management or a combination of these. It affects an estimated 500 million people. The above information is from a study that BMC Women’s Health published in 2021. You may not imagine how many peoples are experiencing period poverty due to social, economic, political, cultural barriers and many other reasons. But this thing happens at some corners of the world everyday. 

How Period Affects People?

Period poverty can affect people in variety of ways. It can make them feel embarrassed about or ashamed of their periods, and it can causes young people to miss out on school due to a lack of menstrual products.

The most direct impact is that it causes health and hygiene problems. According to the research, people unable to access menstrual products have reported using rags, toilet paper, and children’s diapers. Some people may also use menstrual products but overwhelmingly exceeding the proper using time. Using these alternative products or not changing it regularly will put individuals at higher risk of urogenital infections.

The second point is that it will infect people’s mental health. During the periods, do you often feel nervous and anxious? If you can not access to menstrual products, your bad moon may be lighten up right away. Keeping a good mood is also a good way to keep healthy, isn’t it? 

Our Missions 

Our company pays high attention to the period poverty issues, and we intend to produce affordable and high-quality products for all people. Apart from this, our products cover wide range of ages and functions, you are surly to find one kind of product that fits you well.

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