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How to Stock Up on Babay Diapers?

How to Stock Up on Babay Diapers?


Mothers-to-be have prepared post-birth supplies for their babies since the third trimester of pregnancy. In addition to clothes and toiletries, diapers are indispensable, which can be said to be on the way to stock up.

the baby's skin is very delicate and needs more meticulous care, so novice parents should choose diapers for their baby more carefully, but many novice parents lack experience and don't know how to stock up, so how to choose? Stock up to grasp the following principles.

1. Don't stock up on small baby diapers

the baby's growth rate is very fast. The diapers must be bigger and bigger, and the stock should be bought in larger sizes. If the small diapers are bigger, the baby will never be able to wear them again after that period.

moreover, the baby's wearing tight diapers will have a certain impact on the body. However, when organic baby diapers are bought, they will at least be used in the future.

2. Buy baby diapers according to the baby's physical development

due to different genes and feeding methods, the development speed and body shape of the baby will be different. Therefore, the parents of Bao Bao should make timely adjustments according to the baby's physical development and choose diapers with appropriate size and tightness.

don't store too many diapers of the same model, such as big and fast-growing babies, and pay attention to replacing diapers of one size in time.

3. Do not buy unused baby diapers in large quantities

before deciding which diapers are suitable for your baby, communicate with family and friends, or communicate with mothers online to see which brands they have used and how they evaluate them.

then, you might as well collect more test clothes of different brands of diapers, let the baby try them out first, see which is more suitable for the baby's skin, and then stock up.

don't try to discount or be induced by merchants, then hoard organic baby diapers that your baby has not used in large quantities, otherwise you will do more harm than good if you wear red ass.

in addition, the price-performance ratio should also be considered when hoarding goods. Although it is usually better to look at the higher price, there is no need to take the price as the only measure. It mainly depends on whether the baby is comfortable.

diapers are a good helper for parents, but novice parents should also consider the baby's health after grasping the diaper dosage and size, that is, it depends on the quality and function of diapers.

when using baby diapers for babies at the beginning, special attention should be paid to allergies. No matter how good diapers are, different babies may have allergies due to physical problems.

also consider whether there will be red fart. The appearance of red fart may be caused by allergy, poor quality diapers, or not replaced in time.

baoma should carefully observe which causes the red fart and avoid it to prevent it from happening again next time. Finally, Baoma should remember not to covet cheap prices and buy inferior baby diapers without after-sales guarantee produced by small factories at will.

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