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Prohibitions for Using Hygienic Sanitary Pads

Prohibitions for Using Hygienic Sanitary Pads


Sanitary napkins are a necessity for every girl during her menstrual period. So, are sanitary napkins safe? What should not be done when using sanitary napkins?

1. Before using hygienic sanitary pads without washing hands

When we use sanitary napkins, we will use our hands when unpacking, sticking, and even smoothing the sanitary napkin. If you do not wash your hands, it is possible to contaminate the sanitary napkins with germs, burying hidden health hazards in your private parts.

2. Put hygienic sanitary pads in the bathroom

Now most of the restrooms are designed in a dark place and cannot be exposed to sunlight all year round. And most of the toilets are dark and damp, which is a hygienic dead corner where bacteria can grow. Putting sanitary napkins in the toilet is easy to be contaminated.

3. Don't check the shelf life of hygienic sanitary pads

Some people buy many packs of hygienic sanitary pads at once for convenience. In fact, sanitary napkins have very strict hygiene requirements. The closer they are to the production date, the more assured the quality.

4. Purchase promotional hygienic sanitary pads

Generally speaking, the promotion of sanitary napkin products and gifts are often unsalable products sold by merchants mixed together. The materials used for these products will be cheaper, the testing will be looser, the inventory time will be longer, etc., it is difficult to guarantee the quality of sanitary napkins.

5. Be the manufacturer's "new product experimenter" for hygienic sanitary pads

The market is full of new brands, new varieties, new fabrics, and new concepts. These plus promotions often lead to impulsive consumption. For example, the popular dry mesh surface, many people with allergies will experience redness, swelling and itching after using it. Reliable women's sanitary napkin manufacturer, reliable stores, good reputation, and own personal experience are still the most basic common sense for purchasing sanitary napkins.

6. Insufficient replacement of hygienic sanitary pads

Chinese women use less sanitary napkins per menstrual period than European, American and Japanese women. It is not advisable to pay the price of health for saving money.

It is very wrong to use thick sanitary towels all the time and rarely replace the sanitary napkin, which will lead to the growth of bacteria.

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