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Which One is Better? Environmentally Friendly Tampons or Sanitary Napkins?

Which One is Better? Environmentally Friendly Tampons or Sanitary Napkins?


Women must use some care products to help them through this special period during their menstrual period. Sanitary napkins are more commonly used. In recent years, environmentally friendly tampon has appeared on the market to help women through the embarrassing period. It's just that many women don't know which environmentally friendly tampons or sanitary napkins has a better hygienic effect. After all, the body's resistance will be relatively weak during menstrual cramps, and the choice of care products at this time is very important.

1. Which one is more hygienic? Environmentally friendly tampons or sanitary napkins?

In fact, environmentally friendly tampons and the sanitary napkin have their own advantages, and of course they also have disadvantages. As for hygiene, it is also related to personal habits.

Sanitary napkins are a kind of care product that most women use relatively high, and environmentally friendly tampons have only been launched on the market in recent years. In contrast, eco-friendly cotton slivers are smaller, more convenient to use, and will not become awkward. Moreover, the eco-friendly tampon is pushed directly into the vagina, so there will be no embarrassing moments such as menstrual bleeding. This is the main reason why many women choose eco-friendly tampon.

With this characteristic, some women feel that it is not so safe compared with sanitary napkins. After all, it is necessary to push the eco-friendly tampon into the vagina. This operation will make some women unacceptable. If the operation is improper, it is likely to harm the health of the vagina.

2. Which one is more convenient? Environmentally friendly tampons or sanitary napkins?

For many people who use environmentally friendly slivers for the first time, the operation method is not so simple, and it may take several operations to succeed. If the operation is unsuccessful, on the one hand, menstrual blood will overflow, and on the other hand, it may cause vaginal damage. Then it is more convenient to use sanitary napkins, which can be directly attached to the underwear, and the operation is faster. Of course, sanitary napkins also have its shortcomings, that is, the amount of menstrual blood absorbed by them is limited, and a little activity in many cases may cause its position to change. This can easily lead to side leakage of menstrual blood, causing a lot of inconvenience.

The above content introduces the respective advantages and disadvantages of environmentally friendly tampons and sanitary napkins. As for environmentally friendly tampons and sanitary napkins, which one is better? This is actually related to personal living habits and nursing habits. Sanitary napkins and eco-friendly tampons have relatively good hygienic effects, but individuals should develop the habit of changing sanitary napkins or eco-friendly tampons frequently. This can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and protect women's health.

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