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Should You Change Baby Diapers at Night?

Should You Change Baby Diapers at Night?


When it comes to baby diapers, it is estimated that many mothers can talk a lot to you, especially the question of thousands of mothers: Do you want to change baby diapers after the baby falls asleep at night?

Changing it will wake up the baby, and it is estimated that it is already dawn after coaxing the baby to sleep again; If they don't change, they will worry about the baby getting red ass.

Especially for sensitive babies, it is easy to get red ass without changing diapers all night, and it is also very troublesome to care for them. In fact, parenting experts have explained that it is not necessary to change diapers for the baby at night. Parents can judge according to these two points.

1. The quality of baby diapers

In fact, the baby does not change diapers at night. Parents are only worried about long-term discomfort and leakage of the baby's urine output. Choose a diaper suitable for night use can be solved!

2. The baby's own needs for baby diapers

Some babies have better bladder and sphincter development and can control the frequency of urination and defecation, so it is not easy to make diapers penetrate. If the baby urinates too much.

However, it does not affect his sleep quality and is not sensitive to skin, so parents do not need to change diapers for Eva at night.

Normally, we have always stressed that organic baby diapers should be changed frequently, preferably once every two or three hours, especially for babies with sensitive skin, which need special treatment and may have to be changed once to urinate.

However, if the skin of some baby babies is not very sensitive, they can continue to sleep even after urinating, and they can also choose not to change baby diapers.

Many mothers say that if the baby does not change the diapers in time after defecation, it is easy to cause red fart, and the whole night is too long, the diapers cannot bear the baby's large amount of urine.

But in fact, there is no problem if diapers are not replaced for at least four or five hours. If baby diapers of excellent quality can be replaced overnight.

Moreover, the red fart is not only related to the baby's own skin, but also has certain influence on the quality of diapers, such as whether the material of diapers is soft enough and whether it has good water absorption performance, etc.

The best love and care for the baby is mom's greatest wish. The baby's skin is naturally delicate and easy to cause skin damage, redness and swelling due to penetration and friction of foreign objects.

Organic baby diapers with real cotton surface give the baby's skin gentle care like a mother, and there is no need to worry about the occurrence of the baby's red fart.

Double-sided three-dimensional punching technology has super air permeability, which makes the baby's fart dry continuously and enjoys good dreams all night. Mothers no longer have to worry about whether to change diapers after the baby falls asleep.

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