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Period Cramps

Period Cramps


Do you experience menstrual cramps during your period? In fact, menstrual pain is a very normal female physiological manifestation, and according to studies, more than half of women worldwide experience pain during their periods. Today we are going to talk about menstrual cramps.

The first thing we need to know is why we have menstrual cramps. Period cramps is so painful for many people that it has been given the name of a disease by doctors and named dysmenorrhea. In fact, Dysmenorrhea is thought to be caused by compounds in the body known as prostaglandins. Before menstruation starts each month, the level of prostaglandins in the lining of the uterus increases.

If we use visual analogue scale to judge your pain level, what level of pain would you be suffering from.

Period Cramps

If your pain level is below 5, then these suggestions can help you relieve your pain.

1. Try some yoga

According to research, those women who insist on doing yoga have less menstrual pain and period troubles than those who don't do yoga, so hurry up and get moving.

2. Use a heating pad or drink hot water

The uterus is also a muscle tissue, and heating helps relax your uterus.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a unique Asian method of treating diseases, it can greatly relax your nervous system and balance the inflammation in your body.

4. Diet

Cold and spicy food should be forbidden, you can eat more magnesium content of food, such as: spinach, almonds, yogurt, peanut butter, etc.

But if your pain level exceeds 5, it is recommended to immediately seek medical advice, do not feel any embarrassment, the doctor may simply give you some medicine, you can relieve your pain.

We are ZHEJIANG B.I. INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. We do not only produce feminine hygiene products, but also pay attention to your physiological health.

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