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The Development History and Structure of Adult Diapers

The Development History and Structure of Adult Diapers


1. The "evolutionary history" of adult diaper delivery

Beauties or great people, all have infancy and uncontrolled bladders, and as their intimate companions in infancy, diapers have not been able to accompany their glory to get even a little bit of praise.

Aerospace experts said that diapers were originally designed for astronauts to urinate in space, and later adult diapers were converted to civilian use. In fact, diapers have come a long way before becoming diapers.

It was the Japanese who started experimenting with diaper alternatives for the simple reason that World War II saw a shortage of natural supplies in Japan. A substantial step was taken by the Swedish Boris Sterm. In 1942, he invented a two-piece adult diaper delivery, the outer layer is plastic pants, and the inner layer is an absorbent pad made of paper; this disposable The diapers of the diapers are easy to break, and the debris can get all over the child's butt, so it has not been widely used for a long time.

On April 12, 1961, Gagarin, the first space hero of mankind, had a small episode before going into space. When he was about to step into the launch capsule, Gagarin suddenly felt the urge to urinate. Get down, lean on the wheels of a car, and drain the urine down the tubes of the spacesuit.

On May 5, 1961, Shepard, the first U.S. astronaut to travel in space, also had a problem with urination, and the commander ordered him to pee in a spacesuit, a risky move because the heat of the urine could make him urinate. The equipment in the spacesuit that had to be kept fresh failed, but luckily the urine cooled quickly and the tragedy didn't happen.

It was not until the 1980s that the space suit was improved, a polymer absorber was added, and an adult diaper that could absorb 1400ml of water was invented. Urinating was no longer a major problem for astronauts, and quickly caught the space express. Card.

In the TV show at the time, the spaceman's diaper was cut into pieces and thrown into a fish tank to show the powerful water absorption.

At this time, adult diapers have been updated to the fourth generation, which has a strong water absorption capacity.

With the continuous improvement of the production process, adult diapers have been improved from the single function of preventing leakage and absorbing urine from the beginning to being both leak-proof and breathable, urine-absorbing and antibacterial, and have increased elastic waist circumference, three-dimensional leakage-proof partitions, etc. a function. When buying adult diapers, choose adult diaper suppliers or wholesale pull up manufacturers with brand.

2. The structure of the adult diaper delivery

Adult diapers are widely used in adult care, and compared with traditional diapers in structure, high-tech materials are used.

Adult diaper products bottom film: It is the bottom material of diapers, which has the function of preventing leakage. The diaper with urine display has the function of showing wetness.

Front waist sticker: There are two kinds of mesh surface and suede surface. The ultra-thin adult diapers are used in conjunction with the Velcro button, which can be pasted repeatedly and the tightness can be adjusted freely.

Left and right stickers: The inner film of the left and right stickers is coated with a layer of silicone oil. When the left and right stickers are peeled off, the glue will not be transferred to the inner film. It is used in conjunction with the front waist sticker to play a fixed role.

Diversion layer: a new type of heat-bonding composite fiber, which has the function of diversion, helps the urine to diffuse and keeps the surface dry.

Hydrophilic cloth: 100% polypropylene material for adult diapers, a kind of microfiber cloth drawn by hot air. Because of its special molecular structure, it has a large surface area and can absorb liquid by capillary phenomenon, move and diffuse.

It is composed of continuous filaments, has good breaking strength and elongation, acts as a product surface material, and also has a drying effect.

Water-repellent non-woven fabric: also known as melt-blown non-woven fabric, it belongs to composite non-woven fabric, which is a composite product of spunbond and melt-blown.

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