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The Selection of Baby Diapers

The Selection of Baby Diapers


1. Price of baby diapers

Now the living standard is very high, and the demand for materials is also rising. For example, today's babies will use diapers after birth.

There are various brands of baby diapers and the baby diaper model on the market now, and many mothers want to know how to choose the best thing for their baby. So how much are baby diapers?

Every mother is very careful when choosing a diaper brand for her baby. First of all, the quality is better, and secondly, the price needs to be reasonable. The price of diapers ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.

Moreover, the prices of different baby diapers suppliers and diaper models are also different. Which model to choose depends on your own situation.

The choice of diapers does not have to be the most expensive, but the best and most suitable. For example, the price of a big brand of diapers is quite expensive. Some babies use it well, but some babies with allergies may not use it well.

Therefore, when choosing, choose cotton baby diapers that have good absorption, are soft and skin-friendly, dry and do not re-seek.

The baby's skin is very immature. Sometimes using diapers for too long will cause friction with the baby's skin, which will cause the baby's red buttocks, and in severe cases, many small red rashes will appear.

Therefore, you can't use baby diapers for your baby 24 hours a day. It is best not to use it during the day, so that your baby's little butt can also be exposed to the sun, which not only ensures the health of the baby's skin, but also saves a lot of money!

2. When to stop using baby diapers?

Diapers make it much more convenient for mothers to take care of their babies, and avoid the situation that babies cannot be changed in time after they are wet.

However, diapers should be discontinued at the appropriate age. So, when to stop wearing diapers?

Before the age of 1.5, infants and young children have a weak ability to control defecation. Because the development of the urinary system of infants and young children is not perfect, they need to wear diapers to avoid embarrassment.

However, it is recommended that infants and young children should try to take off diapers during the day and carry out toilet training after one and a half years old. Sleeping longer at night can temporarily let your baby wear a baby diaper.

Children who learn to use the toilet before 18 months usually don't have full skills until age 4. Conversely, children who start training around the age of two only need a year to go to the toilet on their own.

The average age at which results are achieved is about two and a half years old. Therefore, it is necessary to master the right time to take off the diaper and train the baby to go to the toilet independently.

It is best to take off baby diapers after the age of three. After the age of three, most children go to kindergarten, and teachers must don't have time to change diapers.

It is almost a uniform time for babies to say goodbye to diapers collectively at their age of three. Whether or not diapers are needed at night depends on whether the baby has the habit of going to the toilet at night, and whether he will remind the mother to go to the toilet by himself.

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