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Correct Wear Method and Precautions of Baby Diapers

Correct Wear Method and Precautions of Baby Diapers


Ⅰ. The correct ways to wear baby diapers

Babies need to wear diapers after birth. On the one hand, it is for health and safety reasons, and on the other hand, it is also to allow mothers to rest better.

Especially at night, wearing diapers for your baby is a very scientific way of parenting. As long as the method is proper, it will not affect the baby's health. So what are the correct ways to wear baby diapers?

First, wash your hands before changing baby diapers to prevent germs from spreading to your baby. Prepare the diaper, then lift the baby's calf but put the index finger between the baby's two calves, take out the old diaper, clean the baby's buttocks with a wet wipe, lightly apply a layer of diaper cream, and then put the new diaper on the baby's buttocks down, flatten the two ends, fold the other end up and glue.

Secondly, the edge of the baby diapers should be folded outwards, so as not to cover the belly button, so as not to wet the belly button with urine and make the belly button infection unhealthy.

At the same time, adjust the tightness according to the baby's weight, so as not to be too tight to make the baby uncomfortable, or too loose to leak urine. Generally, it can accommodate one finger.

The correct way to wear is to pay attention to hygiene, pay attention to the care of the child's buttocks, and pay attention to the elasticity of organic baby diapers.

You can put a diaper on your child during the day, and let your child wear a diaper when going out or sleeping at night, so that the mother can have a good rest and the baby will not be affected by moisture.

Ⅱ. Can expired baby diapers still be used?

Generally, parents buy a lot of daily necessities for their babies, especially diapers, etc. They are all bought in batches, because the more you buy, the more affordable it is.

But baby products have an expiration date, and diapers also have an expiration date. So, can baby diapers still be used when they have expired?

1. The baby's skin is very tender. If the diaper has expired, it is not recommended that the mother continue to use it for the baby. After use, the baby's skin may be allergic, and the expired diaper is easy to breed bacteria. If the baby is kept covered after urinating, these bacteria can easily irritate the baby's skin, which is very bad.

2. It is easy to leak urine after the diaper expires, because the bottom layer of the organic baby diapers has been aged, and the function of preventing leakage of urine has degraded. The the diaper at this time has already failed.

3. Expired diapers are not recommended although the appearance of expired diapers looks the same as those that have not expired, and many mothers will continue to use them, thinking that they should be thrown away anyway, as long as there is no red buttocks.

To sum up, baby diapers should not be used after they have expired. Usually, when buying diapers, don't stock up too much at one time, but buy them according to the actual needs of your baby. If you buy baby diapers for several months or a year, it is easy to use the expired diapers.

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