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What Are the Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Diaper?

What Are the Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Diaper?


For us, most people's impression of diapers is baby diapers. In fact, with the development of society and the continuous enhancement of people's ability to accept new things, diapers have developed from babies to adults.

Due to its advantages of convenience, hygiene and health, the popularity of adult diaper delivery has been further improved, and the embarrassing veil that it is embarrassed to accept has gradually faded away, becoming a leader in the hygiene product industry far exceeding that of baby diapers.

We know that poor quality diapers can cause various harm to infants and young children, in fact, the same problem can occur in the elderly who are incontinent.

Ⅰ. Adult diaper delivery with poor air permeability

The breathability of adult diaper delivery is very important! The reason why wearing adult diaper delivery feels airtight is mainly due to the accumulation of moisture caused by urine. How quickly the moisture can be expelled depends on how quickly urine is absorbed by adult diapers.

If used for a long time, there will be problems such as stuffy heat, skin redness, eczema and even ulceration. Skin care is very important for the elderly with urinary incontinence, especially for bedridden patients.

Ⅱ. Adult diaper delivery with urine leakage

Adult diaper delivery are designed to absorb urine and are most commonly used by people who have changed urinary incontinence and are bedridden for long periods of time. Its leak-proofness is particularly important. If urine leakage occurs, it will not only lose the unique properties of diapers, but also cause embarrassment to the incontinent. It can also cause skin damage to bedridden patients.

Ⅲ. Adult diaper delivery with poor absorption capacity

Adults have a lot of urine and a fast flow, which requires diapers with super absorption capacity. If the water absorption is too poor, it will lead to wetness, which is very uncomfortable for a long time.

Ⅳ. Adult diaper delivery with very hard surface material

Because adult diapers are products that directly contact human skin, the surface must be soft. If a diaper with a hard surface material appears, it will not only be uncomfortable to wear, but also bump into the skin of the elderly.

Ⅴ. Adult diaper delivery that are not close-fitting

Whether the diaper is large or small, it will feel uncomfortable after wearing it. No matter whether the old man walks or turns over, the problem of side leakage and rear leakage cannot occur.

Ⅵ. How to choose adult diaper delivery

China has strict hygiene standards (GB15979) and implementation standards (GB/T28004) for adult diaper delivery. The raw materials for the production of adult diaper delivery should be non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free, and it is forbidden to use waste hygiene products as raw materials.

1) Whether there is a sanitary license, production date, and diapers within the shelf life.

2) Whether the shape design conforms to the human body shape.

3) Whether the surface layer is soft and anti-seepage.

4) Whether the water absorption of adult diaper delivery is super strong, and how many milliliters can it reach.

5) Whether the breathability of adult diaper delivery is good, if the moisture and heat cannot be properly released, it is easy to produce heat prickly heat and diaper rash.

6) Whether the adhesive function of adult diaper delivery is good.

According to the personal situation of the incontinent person, choose the appropriate size model to prevent side leakage during action.

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