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Selection and Replacement of Old People Diapers

Selection and Replacement of Old People Diapers


The elderly suffering from urinary incontinence cannot take care of themselves, and cannot do without adult diaper pad for men. It is especially important for them to purchase comfortable and easy-to-use adult diaper pad for men for the elderly with urinary incontinence.

In addition, for the bedridden elderly with severe incontinence, it is usually necessary to take care of changing diapers, so how to change diapers for the elderly with urinary incontinence?

Ⅰ. How to choose old people diapers?

1) For the elderly who can take care of themselves, we can choose lightweight vitality pants for the elderly. The material is light and breathable, which will not cause the elderly to feel sultry and unbearable, so that the elderly can travel freely and conveniently.

2) For the elderly who cannot take care of themselves, adult diaper pad for men are more suitable. Adult diaper pad for men has a large amount of water absorption, good water absorption performance, and can lock in moisture for a long time;

The three-dimensional guard is close to the waist to prevent side leakage when the urine volume is large; the soft texture benefits from imported high-grade non-woven fabrics, which are comfortable and hypoallergenic. This China adult pull up diapers that are most suitable for long-term use by incontinent elderly.

3) Adult diaper pad for men are designed for patients with urinary incontinence, and the urine volume of adults is relatively large, and the natural absorption is also large. It will be very embarrassing if you choose an adult diaper pad for men with a small absorption capacity that cannot be completely absorbed and causes urine leakage.

Therefore, before we choose adult diaper pad for men, we can look at the relevant product introduction and use experience to see which adult diaper pad for men has a larger absorption capacity and is of excellent quality.

4) At present, there are many adult diapers pad for men on the market with plastic-like outer membranes. Not to mention the air permeability is poor, the shape is also very bloated, and it is inconvenient to wear on the body.

In response to this, we should choose lightweight old people diapers, which are light and breathable, and basically do not feel better when worn on the body. When choosing adult diaper pad for men, patients with urinary incontinence should choose adult diaper pad for men that are easy to put on and take off.

5) When choosing adult diapers pad for men, we also need to pay attention to the waistline design to avoid the situation that adult diaper pad for menare too loose or too tight.

The magic waist sticker design of adult diaper pad for men can be pasted repeatedly and freely in the front belt pasting area of old people diapers within the waist circumference corresponding to the size, which is comfortable and free. It is a very good design of adult diaper pad for men. When choosing  adult diaper pad, a good choice is to choose a reliable wholesale adult pull up diapers manufacturer.

Ⅱ. How to change the old people diapers for the incontinent man

1) Preparation for work

Staff Preparedness: Dress neatly, no stains, no odors, nails trimmed.

Environmental preparation: The environment is clean and the temperature is suitable, the doors and windows are closed, and the screen is blocked if necessary.

Caregiver Preparation: Dress neatly and wash hands. Wear a mask when necessary.

Items to prepare: old people diapers, toilet paper, screens, basins, warm towels.

Ask twice about the situation and remind the elderly to defecate regularly. Assist the patient to take a comfortable lying position and properly handle various pipes.

2) Communication

Explain the time and method of changing diapers to the elderly, and obtain the cooperation of the elderly.

3) Push the treatment vehicle to the patient's bed after preparing the materials, and check the bed number, name and doctor's order book again. Check and explain to the elderly that they need to change the old people diapers in order to get cooperation.

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