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What Aspects Should be Considered When Purchasing Bulk Sanitary Napkins?

What Aspects Should be Considered When Purchasing Bulk Sanitary Napkins?


We selected the bulk sanitary napkins with high online sales, and we will tell you how to distinguish the pros and cons of bulk sanitary napkins from a simple observation?

1. Look at the outer packaging of bulk sanitary napkins

The sales package of bulk sanitary napkins should be marked with product name, executive standard number, trademark, product specifications, main raw materials, production date, shelf life and other information, and the printed content should be clear. In addition, the sales packaging materials should be clean, have sufficient airtightness and firmness, and have no air leakage or damage.

In accordance with health and safety requirements, each piece of bulk sanitary napkins needs to be individually packaged, not multiple pieces of collective packaging. In the case of single-piece packaging, there is generally a complete seal or easy-to-open mouth to avoid contamination in the later combined packaging or before use.

Comparing the packaging of 5 types of sanitary napkins, it is found that a small number of individual sanitary napkins have no easy-pull opening or adhesive seal, which is inconvenient to use, easy to absorb moisture, and there is a risk of microbial growth. In some high-quality sanitary napkin products, this type of packaging has been eliminated.

2. Look at the appearance of bulk sanitary napkins after opening the package

After unpacking the outer packaging, you can observe the appearance of the bulk sanitary napkins. The surface of the bulk sanitary napkins should be clean and flat with clear and consistent pressure lines. If there are obvious spots or surface wrinkles, it does not meet the requirements. In addition, you can smell whether there is a pungent smell through your nose.

If there are stains on the surface, it may be the quality problem of the raw materials used (mostly hot air or spunbonded non-woven fabrics), or the production environment or equipment does not meet the sanitary requirements. In addition, such bulk sanitary napkins may have the problem of excessive bacteria, which is very unfavorable to the health of female users. For the bulk sanitary napkins with uneven surface folds, there are also problems in the production process and quality inspection, and its quality and use comfort are difficult to guarantee.

3. Look at the size deviation of bulk sanitary napkins

We can measure and calculate the size of bulk sanitary napkins to detect whether it meets the requirements of national standards. Dimension measurement can also determine whether the actual size is consistent with the marked size of the outer packaging, and whether the manufacturer is cutting corners.

4. Look at the internal structure of bulk sanitary napkins

Bulk sanitary napkins are mainly composed of a surface guide layer, a middle absorbent core layer and a bottom waterproof and breathable layer. Therefore, after cutting the sanitary napkin, there should be a clear layered structure. At the same time, different brands of sanitary napkins may use different absorbent materials, generally high-quality paper pulp, wood pulp fibers, cotton linters, or sponges. In order to expand the absorption rate and retention rate of the liquid, the super absorbent resin will be evenly distributed.

Under normal circumstances, these materials are all white. If there are obvious yellowing or defects in the internal structure after the bulk sanitary napkin is cut, it also does not meet the requirements.

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