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How to Choose Good Sanitary Napkins?

How to Choose Good Sanitary Napkins?


Women use 15000 hygienic sanitary pads in their life. Normally, the menopause of Chinese women is about 45-55 years old, and the average menopausal age is 49.5 years old; first menstruation usually occurs at the age of 12 to 16.

Take the first menstruation at the age of 14 and menopause at the age of 50 as an example. Normal women have menstruation once a month, so they have 444 menstruation in their lifetime, each cycle is about one week, and the amount of sanitary napkins used every day is about 4-5. It is estimated that women will use about 15000 sanitary napkins in their lifetime.

It can be seen that sanitary napkins are very important to women, but now the sanitary napkins on the market are uneven. Many friends say it is difficult to buy good sanitary napkins. You know, if you choose low-quality sanitary napkins, you may cause gynecological diseases.

Ⅰ. How to choose good quality sanitary napkins?

Before choosing sanitary napkins, we should first know what our physical condition is, and whether there have been symptoms such as redness, rash, pruritus and burning in our private parts during or after menstruation. If so, you may have gynecological problems, or the sanitary napkin you are using is not suitable for you.

Ⅱ. Good sanitary napkins needs to have the following points:

1. Sanitary napkins are highly absorbent

For sanitary napkins of the same specification, the more water absorption, the better, and it is best to keep the surface dry after absorbing water.

2. The degree of re-osmosis absorbed by the hygienic sanitary pads

Women who suffer from gynecological diseases should pay special attention. The greater the degree of re-infiltration of the sanitary napkin, the greater the humidity in the private parts during use. During the menstrual period, the humidity of the private parts can cause secondary infections, so some women will feel vaginal itching after menstruation. According to the survey, most patients with gynecological inflammation are because of the use of airtight and non-bacterial sanitary napkins on the market.

3. Good quality sanitary napkins contain functional chips

High quality sanitary napkins will contain some functional chips, such as silver ion chips. Women's constitution itself is cold. Silver ions are positive ions with the attribute of Yang. They have the effects of bacteriostsis, sterilization and warming the palace, which is conducive to regulating women's palace cold constitution.

The advantages of using functional chips are: promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing the amount of dirty blood clots, avoiding private inflammation and no foul smell of dirty blood. However, many chips in hygienic sanitary pads sold on the market are printed and dyed. If you doubt it, you can wipe it with a wet paper towel to see if it will fade; If fading is the use of industrial dyes.

4. The degree of water absorption depends on the transparent particles of the water absorption layer of the sanitary napkin

How to judge whether the hygienic sanitary pad is a good water absorption factor, you can tear open the absorption layer of the sanitary napkin. If you see a lot of transparent particles, these fine, bright water absorption factors with strong water absorption are good, while rough and dim particles are defective.

Test method: put the water absorption factor of the sanitary napkin into a water cup containing about 60ml. After half a minute, turn the cup upside down. If there is water flowing out, it indicates that the water absorption is poor, otherwise, it indicates that the water absorption factor has good water absorption.

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