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What Kind of Maxi Pads for Postpartum Are Used After Delivery?

What Kind of Maxi Pads for Postpartum Are Used After Delivery?


Women will no longer have menstrual cramps from the beginning of pregnancy. With the birth of the fetus, women will begin to have intimate contact with sanitary products again, because a large amount of lochia is discharged after delivery, and sanitary napkins are needed for nursing care.

1. Can hygienic towels be used after delivery?

Sanitary napkins is mainly used during menstrual cramps. Because of lochia after childbirth, hygiene products are also needed. Some pregnant women may choose maternity towels or ultra thin adult diapers for convenience, which is more convenient. No matter which product is used, they belong to the sanitary napkin series. Therefore, sanitary napkins can be used after childbirth, but you have to choose regular adult care products and ensure that you change them frequently, otherwise bacterial infection is likely to occur.

Some women may have side cutting or tearing problems during the delivery process, so be careful when choosing maternity towels. It is necessary to choose maternity towels specially designed for pregnant women. These products have stronger antibacterial properties than ordinary sanitary napkins and are more effective for wound healing.

2. What kind of hygienic towels do women choose after childbirth?

Women are already very weak after giving birth, and they have to experience lochia excretion every day. If you can choose a comfortable, ultra thin sanitary napkin, it can alleviate a lot of troubles. The material of the maxi pads for postpartum is the first important thing, followed by its width and length. Of course, you can also choose diapers, which is more convenient, at least you don't have to worry about side exposure or overflowing, and alleviate some problems during postpartum care.

Regarding the question of whether sanitary napkins can be used after childbirth, the answer is yes. Nowadays, major manufacturers will develop various products suitable for postpartum care, such as soft and sterilized sanitary napkins and toilet paper, in order to meet the needs of mothers. As long as you choose qualified and regular products, the invasion of bacteria can be reduced.

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