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The Correct Methods of Using Panty Pads

The Correct Methods of Using Panty Pads


Protective pads are also used by many women during menstrual or non-menstrual periods. They can protect women's private parts. But often because some women do not use pads correctly, it hurts the health of women's private parts.

So we, supporting disposable underpads bulk, want to give women some suggestions about How often should you change your panty liners.

Ⅰ. Wrong usage of panty pads

1. Not change panty pads for a long time

If the ultra thin pads are not changed for a long time, the private parts will be in a damp state, leading to the growth of bacteria, which will damage the health of the private parts.

2. Frequent use of panty pads

In order to facilitate the cleaning of underwear, some women often use underpads, but this will bring great harm to their private parts. Because most of the cushions have a layer of plastic at the bottom, which has poor air permeability, it is easy to cause dampness and sweat in the private parts, creating suitable conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi. In addition, the pad will destroy the pH of the vagina and easily cause vaginitis.

At the same time, the frequent use of sanitary pads will increase the friction between the private parts and the pads, which may easily cause damage to the local skin or hair follicles and cause diseases such as vulvar folliculitis.

Ⅱ. How should females use panty pads correctly?

1. Replace frequently

Menstrual blood is rich in nutrients, which can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the comfort wear underpads should be replaced diligently.

2. Keep a distance from panty pads

Two days before and after menstruation, travel, business trips and other inconvenient bathing conditions, sanitary pads are a convenient, practical and clean choice. However, sanitary pads are not suitable for long-term use. The skin of the genitals is delicate and needs an air-permeable environment. If it is closed too tightly and moisture accumulates, it is easy to breed germs and cause various health problems. Therefore, for sanitary pads, it is best to choose products with good air permeability.

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