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What Should Be Paid Attention to when Buying Sanitary Towels?

What Should Be Paid Attention to when Buying Sanitary Towels?


When choosing sanitary towel, we can't buy it blindly. Let's learn about points for attention together.

1. See the package of sanitary towel

Read carefully the important labelling information on the package of sanitary towel, such as factory name, production address, production batch, production date, sterilization mark, expiration date. Especially pay attention to the package which shall mark clearly the permitted sales number of hygiene license. If above information is incomplete or vague, the quality of sanitary towel is unreliable.

2. Choose sanitary towel of big factory's brand

Choose sanitary towel of brand produced by big factory. Such kind of factory has large scale of production, management for a long time, more reliable production technology, technique and hygiene than small workshop. Besides, if there is any problem, you can find the factory's after-sales service to solve the problem.

3. Price of sanitary towel

sanitary towel is commodity after all. Its price is around a few dollars. Don't buy cheap ones which may be counterfeit and shoddy products. Don't follow others blindly and choose functional sanitary towel. Most functional napkin and napkin with health function cheat customers or execute wash sale. Don't select sanitary towel at the price of dozens or hundreds of dollars.

4. Check the details of sanitary towel

Check if sanitary towel has intact package and sealed seal within expiration date. When opening the package, sanitary towel'appearance is clean without damage, white without dirt, not moldy and free from unpleasant odor. The amount and size of napkin are consistent with outer package bid. Press the napkin gently, it has a natural rebound. Tear the napkin gently, the surface does not break. Self-adhesive paper sticks firmly and does not fall off easily. Tear off the paper and the strongly adhesive tape can stick clothes firmly. The clothes are intact while tearing off the tape, and the adhesive tape itself is firm. The napkin is soft with good elasticity and water imbibition.

5. Select the size of sanitary towel

sanitary towel is divided into different sizes and functions according to different period time, such as extended type, daily type, sanitary pad and so on. sanitary towel of proper size is good for period comfort and saving money.

6. Whether sanitary towel contains allergic additives?

Some sanitary towel contains some elements, such as motherwort, essence, etc., titled with Chinese drug effect or fragrance. Females who choose such kind of sanitary towel shall first consider if they are allergic to these additives. If so, don't buy these napkins. If they have already bought such napkins, they shall observe if they have allergies after using such napkins.

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