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The Material of Sanitary Napkin Should Be Chosen Well Since Allergy is Not Trivial

The Material of Sanitary Napkin Should Be Chosen Well Since Allergy is Not Trivial


When using sanitary towel, some women have allergies such as feeling itchy or uncomfortable. Some think this phenomenon is temporary, and it will be all right after a long time. Some will take oral antiallergic drugs.

I. Materials for sanitary towel

Sanitary towel mainly includes PE perforated film, namely dried net surface, polymer composite paper, fluff pulp, polymer absorbent, PE film, hot melt glue, release paper and so on. Usually, these materials are not likely to cause allergies. The additives in sanitary towel may cause an allergy. For example, essence, medicinal component and so on.

The only way is avoiding allergen. Once feeling itchy or uncomfortable, please stop using this kind of sanitary towel, try to find out allergen and be far away from it.

Besides, people, who are prone to allergies, shall hardly use sanitary towel of dried net surface, and choose all cotton maxi pads which is softer and comfier with less skin irritation. In summer, please change sanitary towel often. Usually replace it every two hours, because moisture accumulation in one part leads to allergy.

II. Sanitary towel is made of non-woven fabrics

Generally, hygienic towels are made of non-woven fabrics. Those fibrous materials shall be stored in dry and aseptic conditions. If sanitary towel is wet or stored for a long time, it will go bad and polluted even if the package is intact. There is no aseptic security beyond the deadline.

Therefore, pay attention to the expiry period when using sanitary towel. Don't buy too many napkins at once or store them for a long period at home. Once opening the sanitary towel, keep it in a dry, clean and aseptic condition. Don't use wet or overdue napkins.

III. How to secure health of sanitary towel?

Sanitary towel stays close to female privates. But people often neglect its health condition. Once it carries bacteria, people may easily get infected.

1. Don't put sanitary towel in toilet.

Most Chinese toilets are dark, without sunshine all day, very wet and easy to get mildew. Hygienic sanitary pads will be polluted in toilets.

2. Wash hands before using sanitary towel

If you don't wash hands in advance, you will bring plenty of germs on sanitary towel in the process of sealing off, opening, smoothing and sticking.

3. Don't use fragrant sanitary towel.

Period towels with medicine may play a role in vulva cleaning and prevention from various gynecological diseases at a certain range and degree. But it's not for everyone.  Because everyone's physique is different. Some people will be allergic to some materials and get pruritus of the genital.

4. Replace sanitary towel every two hours

The rich nutrient in menstruation easily becomes culture medium ground for bacteria. Therefore, replace sanitary towel frequently.

5. Don't use sanitary pad frequently

On successive days of menstruation, and on journey and business trip when it's difficult to take a shower, sanitary pad is a convenient, practical and clean choice. But the well-packed privates will gather moisture and cause germs, which lead to various gynecological diseases.

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