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Whatever you do, don't forget to use a cotton pad, okay

Whatever you do, don't forget to use a cotton pad, okay


Have you ever thought that a small cotton pad can contain many skin care secrets? With a little study and selection, it can be a good helper for skin care and cleansing anytime and anywhere: it can help all kinds of skin care ingredients penetrate, it can make a variety of homemade skin care masks, and the best uses for different brands and types of cotton pads vary. Follow the pace of the crystal island, together with the opening of 100% cotton pad decryption moment, all-round in-depth understanding of the magic of a small cotton pad.

Cosmetic cotton pad texture analysis

1.Skim cotton

The texture is thick, soft to the touch, and weak in water absorption.


Relatively thin, coarse to the touch, but strong water-absorbing power.

Cosmetic cotton pad form distinction

1.No crimped edge

The thickness of the cotton pad without crimped edge is generally 4mm~5mm, the thicker material is easy to peel the cotton pad into a thinner form, more suitable for easy mask, to ensure that the moisture is absorbed by the skin while not overflowing.

2.Side pressed edge

Suitable for lotions and thin textured lotions. The crimped edge design prevents water penetration and ensures that every drop of skin care ingredients are absorbed by the skin.

3.Wrapped edge

The full wrap-around cotton pad has the convenience of a crimped edge and retains the thickness of a non-pressed edge cotton pad, but the outer layer of cotton paper is technically demanding and must be free of lint and wrinkles.

Our Hot Cosmetic Cotton Pads:

Cosmetic cotton pad buying guide

1.smell: if it smells slightly pungent, it may be added in the production process of bleaching agent, after meeting water, the residual chemicals will harm the skin.

2.touch: rough texture of the cotton pad, the friction generated at the same time will stimulate the skin, over time, the skin will become prone to allergies, the growth of fine lines.

3.try: if the conditions allow, may wish to pour a small amount of make-up water on the cotton, high-quality cotton will not have dripping phenomenon. And observe whether there is a pull through, whether there is cotton wool residue to determine whether its density is solid.

Zhejiang Jingdao's high quality natural cotton pads are perfect for removing gel polish. These 100% cotton pads are soft and gentle on the skin and are suitable for skin care and cosmetic applications. The smooth texture of those natural organic cotton pads is perfect for removing makeup and nail polish.

As a professional bulk buy cotton pad manufacturer in China, Zhejiang Jingdao produces different types of pure organic cotton pads at competitive prices, including square cotton wool pads, and round cosmetic cotton pads in bulk. Contact us to learn more about our cotton pad prices!

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