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For you to uncover the cotton pad 4 misunderstanding

For you to uncover the cotton pad 4 misunderstanding


When choosing skincare products for yourself, don't overlook the amazing skincare benefits of a small piece of natural cotton pad. Experts have said that if you use the right cotton pad, you can reap more than the magic of luxury care products. If you still have some misconceptions when using cotton pads, why not come and see how Crystal Island can answer your questions.

Myth 1: Every time you use cotton pads to shoot makeup, you feel like a waste of water

The unique three-layer design, the middle layer of the film to block leakage and back seepage of skin care products, super savings on make-up, you can make up water and other skin care products soaked white cotton layer at the light pressure on the skin, you will find that skin care products more quickly than ever to penetrate into the skin.

Myth 2: Those cotton rounds in bulk that contain scrubbing particles are the optimal choice for facial exfoliation

The scrubbing particles exfoliate the skin easily. The thickened dual-action cotton pad with 3D large mesh design, as long as drops of makeup lightly wipe the nose and other parts of the stratum corneum, it is the same as the softest way for the skin to the second clean, such a safe and effective way, you do not want to hurry to experience?

Myth 3: Cotton pads are also used to shoot lotion

Then you are very wrong! Five layers of multifunctional makeup natural cotton pad five-piece separation design, you can use it as a whole piece to shoot makeup or lotion, and then after shooting five pieces apart, using the residual maintenance products wet compress in the forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and other locations to do key mask maintenance; can also drop on the makeup remover after it is divided into five pieces, sub-regional cleaning, a multi-purpose.

Myth 4: Removing makeup is very wasteful of cotton pads

The extra-large makeup remover cleansing square cotton wool pads belonging to the extra-large handkerchief type is equal to 6 cotton pads, such a large area, as long as a piece can completely remove the cream mask and makeup, and it has undergone high-tech water pressure treatment, the texture is soft and smooth, and can also be used for face packs.

Cotton Soft Cleansing Pad is made of medical gauze with a three-dimensional design that makes it more comfortable to touch and easier to clean delicate areas than towels, and it does not smell bad when used repeatedly.

Soft muscle cotton is a premium grade product in the makeup natural cotton pad, it is made by unique water weaving method, soft and delicate texture and not easy to leave lint, in addition to for makeup removal, wet compress function, but also can be used to give a luxurious massage to the skin.

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