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Which Kind of Sanitary Towel is Better?

Which Kind of Sanitary Towel is Better?


Sanitary towels are not unfamiliar to women, because most women menstruate once a month. In some cases, the menstrual cycle may be relatively long or short, no matter what the reason is, as long as menstruation occurs, they must use sanitary napkins.

Especially nowadays, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for some daily products have been relatively improved. There are many types of sanitary towels on the market. So, many women are more confused about how to choose sanitary towels? Which sanitary towel is better?

1. The choice of sanitary towels should be based on their own needs

There are indeed many types of sanitary towels on the market, and there are also many brands. The styles, uses and textures of sanitary napkins developed and produced by each brand are also different. There are many women who do have difficulty in choosing, and even the commonly used sanitary towels will be entangled because they do not know which one is better.

In fact, for the choice of daily necessities, you must not blindly follow the trend, you must choose according to your personal needs and favorite conditions. For example, there are indeed many types of sanitary towels, but for health, it is recommended that you choose sanitary towels with pure cotton texture, after all, sanitary towels is in close contact with the skin, and the safety factor of pure cotton quality will be higher, which can avoid side effects, and the sanitary towel is relatively breathable.

2. The choice of daily and night use of sanitary towels

After ensuring the texture, you must choose a functional sanitary towel that suits you. Generally, sanitary towels can be divided into daily use, night use, lengthening, and widening in terms of functions. The design of lengthening and widening will give people a sense of security, especially  when you go to work or school, and you may not be able to replace it frequently due to time problems, so choose a sanitary towel that is longer and wider and has better absorption to avoid leakage.

The difference between daily sanitary towels and night sanitary towels should be selected according to the individual menstrual discharge. The replacement frequency will be higher than that during the day. Then the daily sanitary towels are different from night sanitary towels in length and thickness.

Regarding which sanitary towel is good, it is impossible to decide which one to choose through introduction? After all, everyone's needs are different, as long as the production date of the sanitary towel has not expired, and the quality of the raw materials is good.

When choosing a sanitary towel, don't make a decision based on its outer packaging, but also look at how the sanitary towel feels after using it and whether it brings convenience to yourself, which is the most important.

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