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How Long Can Sanitary Towels Be Kept After Being Unpacked?

How Long Can Sanitary Towels Be Kept After Being Unpacked?


Every time many women have menstruation, the sanitary towels that are opened cannot be used up, and they may be turned out after a few months in the bag. Can they still be used? Sanitary  towels are items that every woman will use. Women must be careful when purchasing sanitary towels. The "Qualified for Use" mark must be present in order for such sanitary towels to be purchased with confidence. The purchase of sanitary towels can refer to the following methods!

1. How long is the shelf life of sanitary towels after they are opened?

Although women of childbearing age use a lot of sanitary towels every month, there are various lengths and thicknesses. Throughout the menstrual period, several packs of sanitary towels may be opened, but none will be used up.

Although the shelf life of sanitary towels is marked on the packaging, it is recommended to use up sanitary towels as soon as possible after opening. It is best to use them first during the next menstrual period, which can shorten the time they are exposed to the air and effectively reduce the the extent of its contamination.

It is recommended to buy a separate plastic sealed box to place the sanitary towel, which can effectively prevent moisture and reduce the risk of contamination.

And it is best to prepare a small airtight bag for carrying sanitary towels with you, so that even if you leave it for a period of time, there is not much psychological burden to use.

2. The method of purchasing sanitary towels

1) Check the shelf life of sanitary towels: even if it is a brand that you commonly use, you need to carefully check whether it is within the shelf life when purchasing.

2) Check the packaging of sanitary towels: whether the seals of the outer packaging and the independent small packaging are well sealed, and whether there is any air leakage in the packaging. The surface of a good sanitary towel should be clean, uniform in thickness, and sealed without damage.

3) Check the sanitary towel samples: you can ask the sales staff to take out the display products and judge from the feel. The light and soft sanitary towels have good fluffiness and strong absorption, while the sanitary towels made of scraps are heavy and hard which you must not buy to prevent vaginal infections and other gynecological diseases.

4) Review the sanitary towel brand: If you want to buy a new brand of sanitary towel, you must check whether the brand has a sanitary license number, implementation standard number, manufacturer's name and address, etc.

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