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Analysis of the Common Problems of Baby Diapers

Analysis of the Common Problems of Baby Diapers


1. Should baby diapers be a little bit large or just appropriate in size?

Under normal circumstances, it is better to choose suitable diapers for your baby. Although there are model restrictions on diapers, each model will have a certain weight range. You should find diapers that are suitable for your baby's weight.

2. What kind of baby diapers are easy to wear without strangling the baby?

There are two tips: first, the design of the waistline and Velcro. Some good diapers are basically designed with a large elastic Lycra waistline and high-viscosity Velcro, so that the diaper can be close to the body of an active baby when he is turning left and right before and after meals, and he will feel free and unrestrained.

The second is the design of the leak-proof divider. Choose the organic baby diapers with Lycra elastic double leak-proof divider, which not only has good elasticity but also can effectively reduce the friction on the baby's delicate skin. Besides, there is no red mark on the baby's thighs because it is elastic.

3. How often do you change baby diapers at night?

Mothers can decide according to the number of times their baby urinates and the quality of the diapers they choose. It is best to choose diapers with strong absorption capability, large absorption capacity, and strong water retention.

4. How to prevent the leakage of urine from the back of babywearing baby diapers?

To prevent urine leakage, you should pay attention to two aspects. One is to choose the appropriate model. The other is to pay attention to tips about wearing diapers. First, spread the diaper and put it under the baby's buttocks. The backside should be slightly higher than the abdomen side to prevent urine from leaking from the back.

Pull the diaper between the baby's legs up to below the navel, and stick the Velcro on both sides of the organic baby diapers to the waist sticker. Don't stick it too tightly.

5. What should I do if my baby always has side leakage when wearing baby diapers?

At this time, there may be two reasons. If it is a quality problem of diapers, you can directly re-select diapers.

Or there is something wrong with the way the mother helps the baby wear diaper. Before putting on the baby diapers, the mothers should use their fingers to support the leak-proof divider of the diapers to make the leak-proof divider stand up (diapers with the design of automatic eversion is better).

After putting on the diapers, it is best for mothers to stroke the bottom of the baby's thigh with their hands to ensure that the frills are not folded inward and adhere to the baby's legs, so as to effectively avoid side leakage.

6. Should we consider the breathability of baby diapers in winter?

The breathability of diapers is required all year round. Especially in winter, adults always like to wrap up babies with a lot of clothes.

The butt part itself is less breathable due to the increase in clothing. If the diaper is airtight, as a result, it is conceivable that the baby's little butt will be stuffy.

7. Can I use baby diapers that have only been worn for a while without urinating the next day?

The diapers worn by the baby will leave bacteria carried on his skin. Besides, the protective layer on the surface of the diapers will be partially destroyed after passing through, so that bacteria can easily grow on it. Therefore, even if the baby does not urinate in it, do not use it again.

8. How to keep the butt dry when the baby is wearing baby diapers?

First of all, you need to choose a diaper that has super absorption function, good air permeability and can prevent red butt preferably.

Then every time you change the baby's diapers, gently wipe the butt from front to back and then let it dry a little. Finally, be sure to change the baby diapers frequently, so that the baby's butt can always stay dry.

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