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How to Match Adult Diapers Better?

How to Match Adult Diapers Better?


At present, there are many elderly products for the daily life of the elderly on the market. Among them, adult diaper delivery is the product that many elderly people, especially those who are incontinence and disability, are more concerned about.

However, in the face of many types of adult diaper delivery on the market, which one is of good quality and easy to use? How to use it more affordable?

Adult diaper delivery is currently the most demanded products for the elderly in the market. Therefore, the manufacturers and brands of adult diaper delivery are also increasing, including international brands and Chinese brands.

Faced with a variety of diapers, it is indeed very difficult for the elderly to know which one is better. Therefore, it is necessary to spend time understanding the products and asking the elderly who have used them, so as to avoid buying low-quality adult diaper delivery.

1. What are the precautions for choosing adult diaper delivery?

(1) When choosing, pay attention to whether the leak-proof design of diapers is flawless. Because adults have a lot of urine, China pull up diaper adult with great leak-proof design can effectively prevent leakage when there is too much urine.

The adult diaper delivery is ergonomically designed with a three-dimensional anti-leakage guard. The adult diaper delivery, together with the anti-leakage elastic leg circumference and the new PE film, forms a triple anti-leakage system, which has a better anti-side leakage effect.

(2) Choose adult diapers that are soft, non-allergenic, and contain skincare ingredients. At the same time, it is also very important to choose diapers with high air permeability. Especially in hot summer, if the moisture and heat cannot be properly vented, the elderly are prone to heat rash and diaper rash.

(3) The diaper should have large water absorption and good water absorption performance to protect the skin of the elderly comfortable and dryness. Adult diaper delivery uses imported big-name absorbent beads which lock in water for a longer period of time, so that it no longer seeps backwater. With imported native fluff pulp, the absorption speed is fast.

2. It is more favorable to use adult diaper delivery with other items

There are many brands of adult diaper delivery on the market. You can find suitable adult diaper delivery by understanding the brands, product characteristics, and experience.

Nowadays, companies specializing in adult diaper delivery have different product series, and a series of biodegradable adult diapers products are more suitable for use and economical.

(1) For general elderly: adult diaper delivery + built-in diapers

It is recommended for the elderly to use adult diaper delivery with a full range of built-in diapers, so that the elderly can directly replace the built-in diapers after use, saving money and being healthy and comfortable.

(2) For semi-disabled elderly: diapers + straight diapers + nursing pads

It is recommended to use three combinations of adult diaper delivery, straight diapers, and nursing pads during the day and night, which is more scientific. Then for the elderly who can move independently, it is suitable to use the full range of adult diaper delivery and built-in diapers during the day. At night, use the full range of nursing pads and built-in diapers.

(3) For disabled elderly: adult diaper delivery + built-in diapers + nursing pads

It is recommended to combine adult diaper delivery, built-in diapers, and nursing pads for the elderly during the day. Since the urine volume decreases at night, they only need to use adult diaper delivery with nursing pads.

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