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Are Bulk Sanitary Pads Safe?

Are Bulk Sanitary Pads Safe?


Nowadays, there are many kinds of feminine products, and various sales channels are also dizzying. Sanitary napkins are one of the indispensable care products for women. Some people pay attention to quality when using sanitary napkins, but some people still only value price when choosing sanitary napkins, not quality and manufacturers. This approach has led to many products without quality assurance entering the market, and some people even sell unpackaged sanitary napkins in various channels. Here is some knowledge about bulk sanitary napkins.

1. Are bulk sanitary pads safe?

There is no doubt that it is safe to use sanitary napkins produced by the brand in bulk. Because the production process and materials of sanitary napkins must be strictly controlled, the materials used in bulk sanitary pads with packaging and certification are approved after inspection. The materials used for sanitary napkins that have not passed the inspection standards are not very clear. Once bad materials are used, women are prone to allergic reactions after using them.

Even some sanitary napkins do not have sterile measures in the production process, resulting in sanitary napkins with certain pathogenic bacteria, which will cause gynecological diseases. Therefore, choosing to use sanitary napkins without a license is irresponsible to your own health.

2. What issues should be paid attention to when buying hygienic towels?

When buying menstrual pads, you must look at the manufacturer, and don't buy fake and shoddy products. On the other hand, we need to be optimistic about the component content of the product. The material of regular sanitary napkins is mainly composed of cotton, non-woven fabric, paper pulp or a combination of the above materials.

Regular sanitary napkins are usually divided into mesh surface and cotton surface. The water permeability of mesh sanitary napkins is better, but because the surface material is chemical fiber, some women with sensitive skin will be prone to allergies after using it. The surface layer of cotton sanitary napkins is made of pure cotton, so although the breathability and absorption are slightly worse, the skin-friendly effect is good. Therefore, cotton sanitary napkins are usually more comfortable to use than net sanitary napkins. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers produce the ultra thin sanitary napkin, which is more comfortable when using.

Notes: When choosing some personal products such as underwear, sanitary napkins, and pads, female friends must not give priority to price, but should first consider material and health. It is easy to cause some gynecological diseases after using unhealthy and irregular products. Once infected with a disease, the cost of treatment will far exceed the money saved by buying low-priced sanitary napkins.

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