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Four Points to Pay Attention to When Buying Sanitary Napkins

Four Points to Pay Attention to When Buying Sanitary Napkins


Sanitary napkins are essential daily necessities for women, because they will be in close contact with the private parts, so you must not be careless when buying sanitary napkins. There are many types of sanitary napkins on the market, so what issues should we pay attention to when choosing sanitary napkins?

Ⅰ. How to choose sanitary napkins?

1. It is recommended to buy ordinary sanitary napkins.

Those medical health care sanitary napkins under the banner of antibacterial, antipruritic and relieving dysmenorrhea are not necessary for healthy women. Instead, it may bring some disadvantages, such as dependence on private parts, resulting in the decline of the body's own immunity and cleaning ability, and more vulnerable to bacterial infection. In addition, scented sanitary napkins are not recommended to be used frequently.

2. Look at the shelf life of sanitary napkins

Buying things depends on the expiration date, which is needless to say, right? But many women will not pay attention to this problem. Although hygienic sanitary pads contain the word 'hygiene', there may still be many problems. Generally speaking, the closer to the production date, the more assured the quality.

3. Look at menstrual blood volume

The amount of bleeding in the early stage is relatively high, so it is natural to buy a large amount of sanitary napkins for daily use and extended night use. If there is less bleeding in the next few days, you can say goodbye to thick and heavy hygienic sanitary pads and choose mini sanitary napkins. One more reminder, if the menstrual period lasts longer than the normal 7 days, it may be caused by some diseases. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

4. Look at the material of the sanitary napkin

Women's body is very fragile during menstruation, and sensitive private parts become more sensitive. Failure to choose the right sanitary napkin may cause allergies, induce or aggravate gynecological inflammation. The choice of hygienic sanitary pads material should be considered from three aspects:

(1) Bottom layer: Breathable material is better, which can keep the private parts dry and less moist.

(2) Middle layer: It is better to have a high-efficiency gelatinized layer inside, which can prevent menstrual blood from seeping back after being compressed, and the surface of the sanitary napkin will not be sticky.

(3) Surface layer: It is better to use a dry mesh surface funnel type, especially in summer, to protect the skin from dampness. Of course, if you have sensitive skin, it is best to use a cotton mesh sanitary napkin, which is less irritating to the skin.

Ⅱ. Pay attention to these details when using sanitary napkins

1. Wash your hands before use

If you don't wash your hands, the bacteria on your hands may run into your private parts through sanitary napkins, causing discomfort. It is best to pay attention to this.

2. Be diligent in replacement

Many women may be worried about waste. Generally, they will not replace the sanitary napkin until it is filled with enough menstrual blood. But this gives the time for bacteria to multiply in large numbers, which is very easy to induce various gynecological illnesses.

Therefore, be diligent in replacement will not get illnesses. It is recommended to change every 2 hours when the menstrual volume is heavy, and to change it every 3 hours when the menstrual volume is low. Moreover, in addition to changing sanitary napkins frequently every day, clean the private parts with more water to keep them clean and hygienic.

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