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Operation Process of Old People Diapers and Precautions

Operation Process of Old People Diapers and Precautions


Ⅰ. The operation process of old people diapers

1. Change diapers: Nurse should dress neatly, wash and warm their hands, and put the basin and towel on the chair beside the bed.

2. Lift the quilt on the lower body of the elderly to assist the elderly to take a supine position. Pay attention to the screen to cover and keep warm.

3. Unfasten the hook and loop of the old people diapers, and withdraw the front piece from between the legs (the action is gentle to prevent scratches).

4. Hold the elderly's shoulders and hips with both hands and turn the elderly's body so that the body is in a lateral position.

5. Fold the inner face of the contaminated diaper under the buttocks, wipe the perineum with a damp towel with warm water (40-45°C), and pay attention to the skin folds. Observe the skin condition of the perineum and buttocks of the elderly, assist the elderly to put on pants and cover the quilt, and keep warm.

6. Lay the two pieces of the old man's diaper folded in half (close to the skin and face inward) under the buttocks of the old man, and unfold the top piece downward.

7. Assist the elderly to turn their bodies to the supine position, remove the contaminated diapers from one side and put them into the dirt bucket, flatten the diapers under the body to clean the diapers, and take up the front piece of the diaper from the sides.

Arrange the inner edge of the thigh of the adult diaper pad for men to fit, tighten the inner sides of the two wings of the front piece, and stick the adhesive mouth of the rear piece of the adult diaper pad for men to the pasting area of the front piece of the diaper. Arrange and flatten the clothes on the back of the elderly (clothes can easily burn the elderly's skin), and cover with a quilt.

8. Observe the urine volume and color, and record the volume. Observe the feces, record the amount, color, and nature.

9. Arrange, level and clean the disposable urine pad. Cover with quilt. Make up the bed unit, assist the elderly to get a comfortable sleeping position, and keep warm.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the replacement of old people diapers

1. When changing diapers, flatten the inner and outer edges of the thighs of the diaper to prevent side leakage.

2. Choose the appropriate size of diapers according to the fatness and thinness of the elderly.

3. When the elderly use diapers, they should use a warm towel to wipe or clean the perineum after each change of diapers for the elderly or after defecation to reduce odor and keep the area clean and dry.

4. When the elderly suffer from infectious diseases, diapers should be put into medical yellow garbage bags for centralized recycling as medical garbage.

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