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Daddy's Parenting Skills of Wearing Diapers

Daddy's Parenting Skills of Wearing Diapers


In the new era, breastfeeding, changing diapers, and coaxing babies are essential skills. But as a new dad, a period of turmoil must be experienced.

New fathers don't know how to prepare milk powder, and can't even put on baby diapers for babies! Facing the soft babies, it is really distressing!

1. Put your baby on the bed or on the sofa and wear a baby diaper

The baby is a curious and active animal. It is best to put baby diapers in a wide and flat place, and it is best to give the baby a small toy to attract the baby's attention.

2. Tear open the baby diaper and distinguish the front and back of the baby diaper

When it comes to the problems before and after baby diapers, many new mothers around them are stupid and can't tell the difference, not to mention new dads.

Spread out the baby diapers, we can see the waist part of the organic baby diapers: those with elasticity, waist stickers, and stretchable ones are the back, and those without elasticity and no waist stickers are the front.

3. Hold up the baby's little butt and put the baby diaper under the butt

This is definitely a technical job! If it is a baby, the nursing parents can use one hand to control the baby's two small feet, then gently grasp, lift the baby's buttocks, and put the back of the baby's diaper under the buttocks . Drop the balls of your baby's feet and buttocks and pass the other side between your baby's legs.

4. Spread and paste baby diapers

Spread out and straighten the upper part of the baby's belly, straighten the side under the butt, and tear off the Velcro on both sides of the waist of the baby diaper, and stick the baby diaper on the upper part of the stomach. Be careful not to restrain the waist.

5. Use your fingers to support the leak-proof side of the baby diaper

After putting on the baby diaper, it is not finished. In order to ensure that the baby diaper does not leak sideways, a small action is to be done, that is, use your fingers to support the leak-proof side of the folded part of the baby diaper, so that the leak-proof side of the organic baby diaper stands up, so that can effectively prevent side leakage of baby diapers.

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