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What Are Adult Diapers? Who Can Use It?

What Are Adult Diapers? Who Can Use It?


As the problem of social aging becomes more and more serious, the emergence of community-based elderly care and full-stacked nursing homes all show that children have more than enough energy to accompany the elderly, while for elderly parents with incontinence, children Choosing the right diapers for them is a top priority, and according to the survey, according to the comparison and purchase of many children and family members of patients on major platforms, diapers with good quality and high cost performance are compared with various "diapers" that are constantly advertised by brands. As far as international brands are concerned, the sales volume is even greater.

In recent years, the market for baby diapers, women's sanitary napkins, adult diapers, diaper pads, wet wipes, and pet hygiene products has expanded rapidly. The investment in the non-woven fabric industry for hygiene has accelerated, and the number of processing and production companies involved has increased, driving the growth of personal care products. And the unprecedented rapid development of medical and household protective products.

1. What is an adult diaper?

Adult diapers are disposable paper incontinence products, one of adult care products, and are mainly suitable for disposable diapers for incontinent adults. The function is similar to baby diapers. Generally, the structure of adult diapers is divided into three layers from the inside to the outside: the inner layer is close to the skin and is made of non-woven fabric; the middle layer is water-absorbing fluff pulp, added with polymer water-absorbing beads; the outer layer is an impermeable PE bottom membrane.

Ⅱ. Types of adult diapers

There are two types of adult diapers, one is sheet-shaped, and it is shorts after wearing. It is connected into a pair of shorts by using adhesive sheets. Thin body shape. There is also adult pull-up pants, which are an improved version of diapers and are suitable for mild elderly people. Adult pull-up pants and diapers are worn differently. The waist of the pull-up pants has been improved. Like underwear, it has an elastic band. It is especially suitable for people who can walk on the ground.

Ⅲ. Applicable people of adult diapers

1. It is suitable for people with moderate to severe incontinence, paralyzed bedridden patients, and lochia during puerperium.

2. People who are stuck in traffic, who cannot go to the toilet when they go out, and those who take the college entrance examination and attend meetings.

Ⅳ. Can pregnant women use adult diapers?

Maternal women can use adult diapers, and adult diapers are included in the list of supplies issued by general hospitals. The puerpera has to deal with lochia that lasts for 2 to 4 weeks, and the lochia also contains nutrients that are suitable for the rapid growth of bacteria, which is not conducive to the healing of the maternal wound, and general sanitary napkins are not enough. It is recommended to use high-quality special adult diapers to give fragile The most personal comfort for postpartum mothers. Since there is a lot of sewage during the period of lochia, it is recommended that pregnant women use special adult diapers in the early stage, and use them together with nursing pads to prevent side leakage.

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