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There Are Four Major Misunderstandings of Female Medicated Sanitary Towels

There Are Four Major Misunderstandings of Female Medicated Sanitary Towels


Sanitary towels are almost an indispensable boudoir intimate partner in every woman's life. Sanitary towels are becoming more and more diversified. Ordinary sanitary towels can no longer meet market demand. Therefore, concept sanitary towels such as drug sanitary towels have become the main products. However, some people will be allergic to certain drugs, and genital itching will occur when using medicated sanitary towels.

1. Medicine sanitary towel sterilization? But it causes the disorder of vulvar flora

Medicinal sanitary towels contain antibacterial ingredients, which will affect the normal number of vaginal flora in use, which is likely to reduce the number of certain flora and promote the growth of certain flora. In this case, the external vaginal flora destroys the special environment of the vagina due to imbalance, which is more likely to breed mold.

The doctor pointed out that although medicated sanitary towels claim to have the effects of "antibacterial, antibacterial, antipruritic, alleviating dysmenorrhea, and soothing discomfort", these sanitary towels containing drugs are not recommended for frequent use. Due to the human body's own immune mechanism, the drug content marked on some sanitary towels is not clear. If it is not replaced for a long time, it will lead to bacterial reproduction and induce diseases.

2. Sanitary towels cover up the smell? But it leads to allergies

Some sanitary towels with floral and mint scents are particularly popular on the market. Many women feel that there is always an unpleasant smell during menstruation, but this type of sanitary towel can cover the smell, which is very convenient. In this regard, the doctor pointed out that for allergic constitutions, sanitary towels should be carefully selected.

Some ingredients of these sanitary towels containing spices and drugs may cause skin allergies. Women's immunity during menstruation is inherently low. Many women choose sanitary towels that are not suitable for themselves. Some will feel itchy and intolerable, and even have redness and swelling of the vulva and large areas of dermatitis, causing allergic pruritus in private areas.

3. The cleaning effect of sanitary towels? But it increases drug dependence

Although medicated sanitary towels can clean the private parts of menstruating women to a certain extent, they are generally used when miscarriage or diagnosed with a certain disease. They can effectively kill harmful bacteria in the vulva and play an adjuvant treatment role. It is suited for women with gynecological diseases, but not healthy women.

If you use medicated sanitary towels for a long time, it will destroy the acid-base balance of the vagina, cause dependence on medicated sanitary towels, and be more susceptible to bacterial damage. Therefore, medicated sanitary towels should be used with caution.

4. Can medicinal sanitary towels cure diseases? Not even prevention is possible

Most of the drugs contained in medicinal sanitary towels are chinese herbal medicinal ingredients. Some businesses exaggerate their claims, claiming that they can "prevent a variety of gynecological diseases, adjust the balance of yin and yang, warm the uterus, invigorate the qi and nourish the kidney, and relieve the nerves. It is effective in the treatment of about 70% of gynecological diseases. "In this regard, experts say that chinese herbal sanitary towels cannot treat gynecological diseases, and it is not even possible to prevent diseases.

Because motherwort basically needs to be taken orally, applying it to the vulva has no effect at all. In some women, recurrent vaginal infections may be caused by the use of sanitary napkins that contain different types of drugs, fragrances, and other added ingredients.

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