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How Many Milliliters is a Piece of Sanitary Napkin Soaked?

How Many Milliliters is a Piece of Sanitary Napkin Soaked?


The body structure of female friends and male friends is completely different. Every month, for adult female friends, they will experience a menstrual period. These days, there will be some changes in their bodies and their immunity is relatively low. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to good care. In this special period, sanitary napkins are needed. How many milliliters is a piece of sanitary napkin soaked?

1. What are sanitary napkins?

Sanitary napkins are absorbent materials. There are non-woven fabrics, cotton, paper pulp or a high molecular polymer formed from a composite of the above materials, as well as a high molecular polymer composite paper, and the side has a design to prevent side leakage. When in use, it presents a certain angle with the body of the sanitary napkin, and it is easy to cause friction with the groin part, so they all prefer soft sanitary napkins.

2. How many milliliters is a piece of sanitary napkin soaked?

Sanitary napkins are mainly used during the menstrual period of female friends. You must use ultra thin sanitary napkin correctly, otherwise your health will be affected. When a piece of sanitary napkin is soaked, it is about 40ml. If it is during menstruation, If the sanitary napkin is always soaked, it will have a very big impact on health.

A relatively easy-to-use sanitary napkin, there are many places to pay attention to, such as how to use sanitary napkins, the material of sanitary napkins, etc. Before using sanitary napkins, you must clean your hands. Many people don't know about going to the toilet. Before washing your hands, you must know that there are a lot of bacteria on your hands. If you touch the sanitary napkin directly, it is very easy to produce bacteria. You must remember that the sanitary napkin should not be used for too long.

Generally speaking, when the sanitary napkin's time has reached two hours, it must be replaced with new compostable panty liners. If the time has not reached two hours and you feel uncomfortable, you also need to replace it. You don't have to wait until the sanitary napkins should be replaced only when they are fully soaked. If the sanitary napkins are thoroughly soaked, it will also affect your health.

Sanitary napkins are a product that everyone is familiar with. Women use sanitary napkins every month. Although this is the case, they don't know much about sanitary napkins. Some people feel dissatisfied when they hear sanitary napkins. But in fact, the body is suffering from the harm caused by sanitary napkins. This point cannot be ignored. Soaked sanitary napkins will affect the body, so it must be replaced in time.

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