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What Are the Differences Between Sanitary Tampons and Sanitary Napkins?

What Are the Differences Between Sanitary Tampons and Sanitary Napkins?


Today's feminine hygiene products have made great progress compared with the past. In the past, females could only use toilet paper or cloth to deal with menstrual problems when they had menstruation. 

Modern women use sanitary napkins or tampons, but there are also people who know about sanitary napkins, but are still very unfamiliar with sanitary tampons, so today B.I., which is a women's sanitary napkin manufacturer, will show you the differences between sanitary tampons and sanitary napkins.

1. Different shapes of sanitary tampons and sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins are relatively flat and long, and the width is almost the same as that between women's legs, so it is very convenient to use and not prone to side leakage, which can prevent female friends from having more embarrassing things during menstruation. The shape of the tampon is long, like a column, which is mainly convenient for inserting the tampon into the vagina.

2. Different usages of sanitary tampons and sanitary napkins

The main method of using sanitary napkins is to stick them on the panties. The back of the sanitary napkins usually have stickers. These glues are not harmful to the body, and the sanitary napkins can be easily fixed on the panties. The method of use is more advanced. It is to insert a tampon into a woman's vagina. It is a built-in sanitary napkin. This kind of sanitary tampons is less prone to leakage.

3. Different use time of sanitary tampons and sanitary napkins

When using sanitary napkins, a sanitary napkin usually lasts for about two hours. There are also some night-use extra large sanitary pads, which can be used all night when women are sleeping, but they are hygienic. The carrying capacity of cotton sliver is limited. Under normal circumstances, if it is used for one and a half hours and cannot be replaced in time, leakage may occur.

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone understands, what are the differences between sanitary napkins and sanitary napkins? I hope that all female friends who need to use sanitary napkins or tampons can have an understanding of the characteristics and differences of these two products, and choose the one that suits them best. When buying sanitary napkins or tampons, be sure to choose those made by regular manufacturers, otherwise the products made by small workshops will have poor sterilization and disinfection effect, which will easily lead to some gynecological diseases after use.

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