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How to Use Sanitary Napkins Correctly?

How to Use Sanitary Napkins Correctly?


Sanitary napkins are definitely used by female friends during menstruation, and they can be said to be the most intimate friends of female friends. Everyone has a different amount of menstruation, so they usually use different sanitary napkins. Some people like to use a larger one, and some people like to use a smaller one. How to use sanitary napkins is the most correct one?

1. How to use sanitary napkins?

Asked how to use sanitary napkins, I believe most female friends have more consistent answers. However, some female friends often soil their trousers during menstruation. This is because the sanitary napkins are used incorrectly. How to use sanitary napkins?

The most conventional method is to peel off the release paper on the back of the sanitary napkin, and then directly stick the sanitary napkin to your underwear. Remember to make the position of comfort wear disposable underpads as accurate as possible, so as to reduce menstrual staining of the pants. Then peel off the release paper on the wings on both sides of the sanitary napkin, and stick the wings under the underwear to fix it.

2. How to use sanitary napkins correctly at different stages?

(1) During the day, because I will pay more attention, and usually every two or three hours, I will go to the toilet to change the sanitary napkins, and the amount of activity required during the day is relatively large. For the comfort of use, generally choose comfort wear underpads.

(2) At night, because the sleeping posture is generally irregular, sanitary napkin for heavy flow is generally used. And when you sleep at night, you usually have to lie down, so menstrual blood is likely to flow directly to the buttocks due to gravity problems. In order to prevent menstrual blood from flowing on the sheets, it is best to use maxi pads for heavy periods at this time.

Menstrual period is the most vulnerable period for female friends, and it is also a period when female friends' mood fluctuates greatly. A correct understanding of how to use sanitary napkins is a way to reduce menstrual troubles for female friends.

Of course, you should also pay more attention to a light diet during menstruation. Don't eat raw, cold and spicy food. Drink more brown sugar water, which can help uterine contraction and avoid dysmenorrhea caused by insufficient blood flow.

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