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How Often Should Hygienic Towels Be Changed?

How Often Should Hygienic Towels Be Changed?


As a woman's intimate friend, sanitary towel can absorb a large amount of blood when menstruation comes and relieve embarrassment. The invention of sanitary towel has greatly facilitated women's lives. It can always take good care of women when they are most vulnerable.

However, during menstruation, some girls are too lazy to change sanitary towel, and as a result, sanitary towel have become the chief culprit of female gynaecological diseases!

Ⅰ. What is the harm if the hygienic towels are not changed for a long time?

When women are menstruating, their bodies are weaker, and the immunity of their private parts will decrease. If they do not do a good job of resisting bacteria and keeping their private parts clean and sanitary, bacteria and germs can easily invade the body and cause vaginal infections.

At this time, if a woman uses a sanitary towel for a day or half a day, menstrual blood will easily accumulate in the sanitary towel, making the originally damp and dark private environment more humid and darker, and this becomes the multiplication of bacteria and viruses. The human body is vulnerable to invasion by viruses and bacteria.

Ⅱ. How often is it appropriate to change hygienic towels?

So, how often should hygienic sanitary pads be changed? Generally speaking, a woman's menstruation lasts for about 3-7 days each time. The daily menstrual volume is different during the menstrual period, so "how often to change the sanitary towel" should be determined according to the number of days and menstrual blood volume.

Day 1-2: Change every 2 hours. Generally, the menstrual blood volume is the largest on the first and second days of menstruation. It is recommended to change hygienic towels every 2 hours during the day and use large-size sanitary towel at night to prevent side leakage and stuffiness.

Day 3-4: Change every 3-4 hours. On the third day of the menstrual period, menstrual blood volume will gradually decrease. It is recommended to change a sanitary towel every 3-4 hours during the day. If you have a small amount, you can switch to a reduced version of hygienic towels or pads to prevent the private parts from being hot and causing itching.

Days 5-7: By the fifth day, the menstrual blood volume is not much, but girls shouldn't think they don't need to change hygienic towels. During this period, it is recommended to change sanitary towels frequently to keep the private parts dry.

How often a woman changes her hygienic towels during her menstrual period depends on the number of days, menstrual volume, and age. The above is just a reference for everyone. All in all, women must pay attention to hygiene during menstruation, change hygienic towels frequently, and avoid gynaecological diseases due to laziness.

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