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What is the Difference Between Medical Cotton Buds and Makeup Cotton Buds?

What is the Difference Between Medical Cotton Buds and Makeup Cotton Buds?


Although both medical and cosmetic cotton buds are sterilized at high temperatures, they are not the same cotton buds. Let's distinguish medical cotton buds from cosmetic cotton buds.

Ⅰ. Medical cotton buds

Medical cotton buds are made of natural birch wood and medical absorbent cotton. Cotton buds fibers should be soft, white, and odourless, free of maculas, stains, and foreign objects; the surface of plastic and paper sticks should be smooth, free of burrs, stains and foreign objects. The surface of wooden and bamboo sticks should be smooth, free of stains, and free of foreign objects.

Ⅱ. Makeup cotton buds

Round and oval-headed cotton swabs are the most commonly used makeup cotton buds. On the market-pointed cotton buds, the sharp head cotton bud is more versatile and effective. The medium-sized oval-headed cotton buds are ideal for smudging eyeshadow and correcting face makeup.

Because of the tip of the head, the pointed cotton bud can be used as a makeup tool for makeup details. It is appropriate for correcting smudged eyeliner, wiping away dirt on the eyelids when brushing the eyelashes, and modifying lipstick that draws the lips. Correct the nail polish on the nail's edge.

In general, medical cotton buds are more stringently manufactured due to the need to care for and treat wounds and ensure sterilization. It absorbs liquids better than regular cotton.

The main purpose of the cotton bud is to remove makeup. To ensure the requirements of makeup removal, the texture of the cotton swab is relatively softer. Even if you pour toner on it, it is comfortable to use and can easily clean the makeup.

It should be noted that most of the makeup cotton buds currently on the market are ordinary cotton swabs. Of course, it is not feasible to use a cotton swab to clean the wound, and it is very dangerous. Because the makeup cotton buds cannot meet the corresponding sterilization requirements, it cannot be used on the wound.

If a cotton swab is used to clean the wound without the disinfection equipment and conditions in the hospital, it is directly used for wound treatment, and the wound will likely be infected, and the wound will not be healed.

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