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What Are the Types of Sanitary Napkins?

What Are the Types of Sanitary Napkins?


Sanitary napkins are indispensable among the daily necessities that women usually keep. But there are many choices when buying sanitary napkins. So, what are the types of sanitary napkins?

For young girls who have menstruation for the first time, the choice of sanitary napkins requires special attention. Many sanitary napkins on the market have different functions and fabrics. How to choose the type of sanitary napkin that suits your skin type is very important. Let's introduce the types of sanitary napkins. Friends who don't know much about them can learn from the following.

1. Sanitary napkins distinguished by length:

Daily use ones are usually around 240mm. 10 years ago, there were 220mm products. Nowadays, the length of 240mm is basically determined, and there are also 245mm. There are 270mm and 290mm night sanitary pads, and you need to make an appropriate choice according to your own night menstrual blood volume. If it is the second or third day, you can choose large square cotton pads (360mm, 420mm) for night use.

Most women use mini sanitary pads with a length of about 180mm before and after menstruation. Some people use good sanitary pads during menstruation. The length of sanitary pads is generally 150mm.

2. Sanitary napkins can be classified according to the packaging:

①Independent small package method: 

(Like a pocket, put the product inside), now this packaging method is relatively rare in China, but there are many such packaging methods for foreign products.

②Quick and easy small bag method: 

The small bag is attached to the product, can be opened quickly, and is convenient to use. Most of the products in supermarkets now use such a small package method.

③Straight strip package method: 

360 package method of sanitary napkins. At present, it is common for micro-business and direct selling products to have this kind of small bag, because it is small and easy to carry, and the packaging is exquisite, which can avoid a lot of embarrassment.

3. Sanitary napkins can be classified according to fabrics:

There are many adult care products made of pure cotton fabrics and plant fiber fabrics. After burning experiments, we can know whether it is pure cotton or plant fiber materials. When burned to ashes, the ones with no chemical smell are made of pure cotton and plant fiber. The sanitary napkins produced by the official sanitary napkin brand manufacturers of pure cotton can avoid damage to the delicate private parts, especially the young unmarried women, who need to pay special attention to the material of sanitary napkins.

4. Sanitary napkins can be classified according to the method of use:

The menstrual cup that is currently popular abroad can be said to be a relatively environmentally friendly one, but most Chinese women have not yet accepted it. It is an upgraded version of sanitary napkins, which avoids the embarrassing situation of side leakage due to menstrual blood.

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