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Relationship Between Baby Diapers Use and Season

Relationship Between Baby Diapers Use and Season


1. What is the relationship between baby diapers use and season?

Do mothers need to change baby diapers according to the seasons? It's believed that many young mothers have had this idea. In fact, there is a correlation.

According to the experience of young mothers in choosing baby diapers, it is better to choose appropriate baby diapers in different seasons. After all, warm winter and cool summer have always been our ideal living environment.

There are many baby diapers on the market, but none of them can guarantee full ventilation and high water absorption at the same time. Therefore, mothers must change baby diapers in time when they are wet, especially in winter.

In winter, the weather is dry and cold. If it is not replaced in time, the baby's skin will be easily chapped. Therefore, baby diapers with good water absorption performance are the preferred choice.

In spring, the weather is generally humid and warm, so you can choose dry baby diapers as much as possible. In summer, you should choose baby diapers with good ventilation performance. In autumn, you should choose baby diapers with better comprehensiveness.

2. The baby diapers that are too tight will cause certain damage to the body

Baby diapers that are too tight will have the same effect on the body as wearing tight underwear. Especially for boys, if the baby diapers are too small and too tight, it is not conducive to testicular development.

The selection method of baby diapers is based on the tightness of the waist. It is better to put two fingers vertically. And in the groin part, it is better to put one index finger flat. It is generally believed that baby diapers should have voids and good air permeability.

In addition, as the baby's urine volume increases, be sure to choose baby diapers that absorb quickly. The most reliable principle is to go to reputable retail places such as regular shopping malls and supermarkets. Meanwhile, remember to choose products from well-known baby diapers suppliers.

Read the instructions carefully before purchasing to see if it meets the two aspects described above. If it is spring and summer, be careful not to buy a thickened type that is suitable for use in autumn and winter.

Healthy skin should be dry as far as the part of the skin that uses the baby diapers is concerned. Wet skin can quickly become fragile and prone to diaper rash.

To minimize wetting caused by baby diapers, change the baby diapers frequently and use extra-absorbent baby diapers. If you use conventional diapers, check and change diapers more often.

Petroleum jelly, zinc oxide ointment, or diaper rash cream can also help protect the baby's skin from dampness. With the baby powder, the baby may feel comfortable on the skin, but it's not the best for babies.

Baby powder can reduce friction between the baby diapers and your child's skin for a short period of time. However, once it's wet (and your child will definitely wet it!), it's useless. Your baby may even inhale a lot of powder, which can be dangerous. Zhengjiang Bi, as one of the most professional wholesale baby diapers manufacturers in China, provides high-quality baby diapers to our customers. If any interests, contact us for more details!

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