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Introduction of Different Types of Sanitary Napkins

Introduction of Different Types of Sanitary Napkins


Sanitary napkins are daily necessities frequently used by female friends. There are many brands of sanitary napkins on the market. At the same time, because each female friend's physiological condition is different, the intimate hygiene care product company has designed different types of sanitary napkins for different groups of people. What are the types of sanitary napkins, let's introduce them for you next.

1. Different sizes of sanitary napkins

We can tell difference between panty liners and sanitary pads from their size. Many friends know that pads are generally small in shape and are mainly used to absorb vaginal discharge. Female friends are also not suitable for frequent use of pads. Generally, comfort wear underpads are used only when there is a lot of leucorrhea.

2. The length of sanitary napkins is different

Sanitary napkins are divided into many types according to different lengths, mainly to cater to the needs of different consumers. The shortest sanitary napkin on the market now is 190mm, which is called mini sanitary pads, and mini sanitary pads are generally napkins with wings. The main concern is that the sanitary napkins are too short and the menstrual blood will stain the pants.

The length of the most common ultra thin sanitary napkin is 240mm. This is the most common sanitary napkin. Normally female friends can use it during the daytime. For female friends who have a lot of menstrual blood, they can usually start using it on the third or fourth day of menstruation.

There are also night maxi pads of 270, 280, and 290mm. These sanitary napkins are a bit longer than the 240mm ones. They are mainly used for the convenience of large amount during the day.

At night, because of the long sleep time, it is impossible to change the sanitary napkins in time, and many female friends may move around frequently when they sleep at night, so there are special night sanitary napkins, the purpose is to prevent female friends from getting up in the morning and finding that the sheets were soiled.

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