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How to Use Sanitary Towels?

How to Use Sanitary Towels?


I believe everyone is familiar with sanitary towels. It is mainly a sanitary product used during menstruation. It has a good absorption effect on menstrual blood, so that it can avoid menstrual blood contamination to your underwear or leakage to the outside clothes, which will not make people embarrassed, so how to use sanitary towels? Let's find out together.

1. The use of sanitary towels

Although sanitary towels are a very common menstrual product, many female friends do not know how to use sanitary towels in real life.

In fact, the use of sanitary towels is very simple. Before using the sanitary towel, wash your hands with soap, then open the outer packaging of the sanitary towel, then tear off the sticker on the sanitary towel, and then tear off the adhesive paper on the sanitary towel, and then paste the sanitary towel on the underwear.

When pasting the sanitary towel, you must pay attention to the fact that the side wings of the sanitary towel should be aligned with the narrowest part of the underwear, and then stick the side wings of the sanitary towel upside down. In fact, the crotch of the underwear is just pasted. In this way, the fixation of sanitary towel will be stronger. After menstruation flows out, it will be directly absorbed by sanitary towels.

As long as you buy a sanitary towel of good enough quality, you can absorb the menstrual blood well, and the menstrual blood will not flow to the underwear, and it will not be stained on the outer pants

2. Pay attention to the quality when buying sanitary towels

Remind everyone that there are many kinds of sanitary towels in the market. When buying, you must buy quality ones. Some people buy lower quality ones in order to save money, thinking that this can save a lot of money, but such sanitary towels are not only poorly absorbent and there will also be discomfort during menstrual use. The poor quality of sanitary towels can easily cause itching in the private parts and the growth of bacteria. In severe cases, it will cause the occurrence of diseases, so you must buy them carefully.

How to use sanitary towels, I believe all people are very concerned about this issue. Although many people have heard of sanitary towels, they do not know much about the use of sanitary towels, even if it is a very simple way to use it, people don't know much about it. The content of how to use sanitary towels is introduced above. I hope it can help you.

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