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The Purchase and Use of Medical Cotton Buds

The Purchase and Use of Medical Cotton Buds


The cotton tip of the medical cotton swab has a strong water absorption ability. Wipe the skin evenly with the cotton tip to achieve the disinfection effect. It is suitable for skin disinfection and surgical dressing during the injection. It can also be used for makeup and makeup removal. Below, we teach you how to buy medical cotton buds. 

Ⅰ. The characteristics of medical cotton buds

The medical cotton buds are made of medical absorbent cotton and natural birch wood. They can be used in medical and health care units and for household hygiene care to help disinfect a patient's skin, treat wounds, and apply syrup.Its characteristics are non-toxic, non-irritating, good water absorption, and easy to use. The method of use is to open the bag and use it to treat the wound directly. But it should be noted that the dust-free medical cotton buds should be stored in a well-ventilated room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%. And no corrosive gas exists. Avoid high temperatures.

Ⅱ. The purchase of medical cotton buds

1. To buy medical cotton buds, you must first look at the product packaging label and product manual. The medical cotton buds are generally divided into two types: non-sterile and sterile. The medical cotton swab's product manual or product package will specify whether it is sterile or non-sterile.

2. Aseptically packaged medical cotton buds can be used directly, while medical cotton buds packaged in a non-sterile manner must be sterilized before use. 

3. For medical cotton buds with sterile packaging, the sterile expiration date, date of manufacture or production batch number, instructions or signs for the prohibition of packaging damage, instructions for single-use, or warnings for the ban on re-use must be stated in the packaging label. If the package is damaged or expired, it should no longer be purchased or used.

4. When buying medical cotton buds, the product's appearance is also essential. The cotton tip of the medical cotton swab should be soft, odorless, tasteless, pure white, free of other fibers and processed materials. The bamboo swab should be smooth and hard. 

Ⅲ. Matters needing attention when using medical cotton buds

1. The medical cotton buds have been disinfected by ethylene oxide for one-time use. They should be destroyed uniformly after use.

2. If rupture and air leakage are found, the medical cotton swab must be sterilized again before being used.

3. Avoid high temperature, humidity in the storage environment, and direct sunlight on medical cotton buds.

Place medical cotton buds out of reach of children. The introduction to the knowledge of medical cotton buds has been analyzed here, and I hope it will be helpful to you.ZHEJIANG B.I. provides you with a variety of choices of sanitary napkins, pads, baby diapers, adult diapers, disposable underpads, wet wipes, makeup pads, and cleaning fluids with good quality and competitive price. ZHEJIANG B.I. is the best innovative supplier to satisfy all your hygiene needs. ZHEJIANG B.I. provides the largest selection of health and hygiene products and continues to expand its product categories. If necessary, please consult.

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