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Instructions for the Use of Feminine Sanitary Panty Liners

Instructions for the Use of Feminine Sanitary Panty Liners


Ⅰ. Sanitary panty liners cannot be used for a long time

If women use sanitary panty liners for a long time, they tend to cause gynecological diseases such as genital itching and vaginitis. This is because most sanitary panty liners have a layer of plastic at the bottom, which is poorly breathable and can easily cause moisture and sweat in the genitals, the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and cause vaginitis, genital itching, etc.

So we, as a supplier of compostable panty liners, are concerned about female's health, and are willing to pick up some suggesyions about it.

Ⅱ. What problems should be paid attention to when using sanitary panty liners correctly?

1. Sanitary panty liners should be replaced according to the working environment, nature, season, and physical condition. When there are few secretions, one per day is basically enough; when the weather is hot, work is stressful, or sweating is frequent, it should be replaced in time. In short, it is good that women's vulva can be kept clean, dry and breathable for a long time.

2. Nowadays, many people often wear some close-fitting, non-permeable nylon abdominal belts to tighten their abdomen. At this time, it is best to use compostable pull ups or sanitary panty liners carefully to avoid aggravating local airtightness.

3. People sweat easily in summer, so try not to use sanitary panty liners when unnecessary.

4. We, as one of panty liners manufacturers, can produce different types of panty liners. Some sanitary panty liners with additives or fragrances may increase the probability of allergies for some people.

5. When using sanitary panty liners, pay attention to timely replacement, so as not to affect the acid-base environment adjustment of the female lower body. 

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