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What's the Use of Sanitary Pads?

What's the Use of Sanitary Pads?


Sanitary pads are essential personal items for modern women. Many women put on panty pads every day. They find it more convenient and cleaner. However, many young girls feel that panty pads are very new when they just enter puberty and don't know what the pads are for. Here's an introduction.

1. What is the use of sanitary pads?

The sanitary pads are equivalent to good sanitary napkins used by women during non-menstrual periods. The panty pads can be pasted on the panties to allow the vaginal discharge from the female vagina to flow on the sanitary pads, so as to ensure that women's panties will not be stained with leucorrhea. The sanitary pads can be replaced at any time when it is dirty, so as to ensure the sanitation of the underwear. For women with more vaginal discharge, the ultra thin sanitary napkin are almost an indispensable item. If the female has more vaginal discharge, you can use the panty pads to keep the underwear clean.

Those women who are away on business trips or inconvenient to change their underwear for other reasons, prefer comfort wear underpads. The function of the panty pads is to pad the female's genitals during the non-menstrual period to ensure the cleanliness of the underwear and reduce the frequency of cleaning the underwear.

2. Matters needing attention when using sanitary pads

Women must make sure to change pads frequently, especially for women who have a lot of vaginal discharge, and it is best to change several times a day to ensure the cleanliness of the genitals. Although pads are very convenient, it is best for women not to use the pads for a long time. If the pads are used for a long time, they may make women's genital hygiene worse and the temperature will become higher, which is more likely to cause the growth of bacteria and germs.

Therefore, if it is not necessary for women, it is best not to use the panty pads every day. Even if there is a last resort, they must be replaced frequently to ensure the cleanliness of the pads.

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