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Methods of Using Hygienic Sanitary Pads

Methods of Using Hygienic Sanitary Pads


For all adult women, they must be very familiar with sanitary napkins. However, sanitary napkins are still a bit unfamiliar to newly developed adolescent girls, and even how to use sanitary napkins is not particularly clear. Here are some ways to use sanitary napkins.

1. The method of using hygienic sanitary pads is the same

Menstruation is something that every mature woman must experience, so the use of ultra thin sanitary napkin is the most basic requirement for a woman. First of all, women should choose sanitary napkins that suit them according to their hobbies and menstrual flow.

Generally speaking, sanitary napkins of different brands have their own characteristics, but they are similar in function or usage. In other words, no matter which brand of sanitary napkins, they are all used in the same way.

2. Methods of using hygienic sanitary pads

So how to pad sanitary napkins? The most common way to pad a sanitary napkin is to first unfold the sanitary napkin, and then tear off the back release paper. Then stick the sanitary napkin on the underwear, preferably in the middle, so that the sanitary napkin can be aligned with the vaginal opening and ensure that the menstrual blood will not stain the pants.

After determining the position of the sanitary napkin, you can tear off the wing release paper, and then stick the two sides behind the underwear, so that the sanitary napkin can be completely fixed. For the pads maxi, the methods are the same.

For women with large menstrual blood volume, Brilliant Island provides different sanitary napkins for you. These sanitary napkins will be as big as ultra thin baby diapers and will help women prevent menstrual blood from leaking out in all aspects. Generally, this sanitary napkin can be used just like underwear.

There are many brands and styles of sanitary napkins on the market, but they are still relatively similar in use. How to pad sanitary napkins in detail, I believe everyone is very clear after reading our introduction.

To sum up, no matter which sanitary napkin is used, the ultimate goal is to prevent menstrual blood from flowing to the pants. So when using sanitary napkins, you can also make adjustments according to your own situation.

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